Social marketing provides brands and industries with a platform to connect with their audience and show them who they are as a brand. Different kinds of industries leverage social media in many different ways. Within the insurance industry, the most common use cases for social media are customer service and engagement, targeted advertising, and delivering content that resonates with their community and customers.

Growing up, I would see insurance advertisements on TV, newspapers, and billboards. As time went on and technology evolved, our digital world expanded to a place where almost everyone has access to social media through their phones or computer. As a response to this, now insurance companies are using social media as a tool to connect with their consumers on a more personal level. Insurance companies like Allstate, Nationwide, and Farmers Insurance, all utilize social media as a means to understanding the public’s way of thinking. Understanding the public’s sentiment can help the insurance industry communicate with their consumers in more meaningful ways and drive brand exposure.

 Deliver Compelling Content (Allstate)

In their social marketing efforts, Allstate focuses on auto and homeowners insurance. Allstate’s slogan goes “You’re in good hands”, and this slogan is used in many of their advertisements. Below is a video showing how Allstate uses compelling content that resonates to show their customers they care. Content marketing, when done right, will resonate with your target audience and leave an impression. Allstate’s video below humanizes the brand with a heartfelt story that shows brand personality and a little bit of Allstate brand history.

Celebrity Spokesperson (Nationwide)

Nationwide leverages celebrity endorsers in their social marketing strategy, to create exposure and brand recognition. Celebrity endorsers help drive brand awareness and keep brand front of mind. Below is a video of Brad Paisley, singing about the insurance company, and at the end of the video he sings the company’s slogan “Nationwide is on your side”. The slogan will stick in people’s minds, especially if they see the company’s logo or other some other sort of advertisement.

Supporting Causes (Farmers Insurance)

Many insurance companies support charities or create their own kind of charity campaign. Many Insurance companies make an effort to donate and support charities to boost their image. Supporting causes through social media is an effective marketing strategy to show people that their insurance brand cares and gives back to the community. In the example below, Farmers Insurance has created their own charity campaign called “Thank America’s Teacher”. Farmer’s Insurance would donate up to $100,000 to an American teacher as a reward to thank them for helping students prepare for their future. Some teachers also received up to $2500 grants to help fund projects in classrooms. So far Farmer’s Insurance has given away over a million dollars to show their support. This shows what kind of company Farmer’s Insurance is, by supporting causes they believe in.


Do you know what insurance brands and credit card brands both have in common? Both industries can benefit from Social Intelligence for managing brand intelligence and developing and optimizing campaigns.

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