Smartphones, bracelets, soft toys, toothbrushes. As the internet of things evolves, more and more items that did not contain any electronic components in the past have now become intelligent – even simple flower pots! But which audience is most interested in consumer electronics? That’s the question we wanted to answer. We used our social media audience analysis solution, Synthesio Profiler, to gain insight into the biggest fans of consumer electronics in Southeast Asia.

Social Media Audience Analysis: Millennials are the Majority

From the 422,000,000 people using Facebook in Southeast Asia, 49.7% of them show an interest in electronic devices. This audience represents a non-negligible target for any brand promoting an electronic device. We found that young people constitute the majority: 65% of the target audience is between 18 and 34 years old. While it could be assumed that men represent the majority of this audience, that’s not the case. In fact, the distribution is almost equal with an audience composed of 46.7% women and 53.3% men (taking into account that there are slightly more men than women living in the region).

Decide on A Media to Promote an Electronic Device

Working for a brand selling consumer electronics? Need to identify which media to promote your products on to ensure you best reach your audience? Profiler, Synthesio’s social media audience analysis solution, allows you to identify the characteristics of your target audience to optimize your marketing/ content strategy and your media plan.

In this case, promotion in Time or People would clearly make sense as respectively 29.6% and 19.7% of the target audience show an interest in these magazines. If your product is an electronic device linked to sport (e.g. weighing scales, fitness trackers), you should consider advertising in Health magazine, which focuses on sport, weight loss, and healthy living: 9.9% of this audience shows an interest in this publication.

When it comes to social media, Twitter and Snapchat aren’t the most relevant networks to reach an audience interested in consumer electronics on. Instead, you should focus on Facebook. The target audience prefers this network over any other: 64.8% of people interested in consumer electronics use Facebook.

Identify Brands Your Audience Likes

Thinking about a partnership? Running contests? Social media audience analysis helps identify the brands that fans of electronic devices prefer:

Food and Beverages Brands

Clothing Brands

Car Brands

Choose a Brand Ambassador

Thanks to our social media audience analysis technology, we can identify the artists that a target audience likes the most. This allows you the opportunity to offer your products to that specific artist and engage with them so they will promote it. You can also build a complete communication campaign centered around an influencer.

In our example of consumer electronics fans, Future, Justin Bieber, Pink, and the bands Queen and Cream are some of the favorite music artists. Companies could use them as brand ambassadors.

Profiler enables in-depth social media audience analysis to optimize the marketing/content strategy or media plan of a brand. This example only reveals a non-exhaustive sample of the platform. You can identify the specifics of your target audience from more than 12,000 criteria.

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