Yesterday we announced through a great story from our friends at VentureBeat (and this press release too), that we officially launched the next generation of Social Media Intelligence tools with a complete overhaul and update to our API and platform with Synthesio 3.0. This new update allows social media professionals to interact with social data in real-time, surfacing insights and tracking KPIs faster than ever before. In other words, our leading global Social Media Intelligence tools will be faster, smarter and more productive than ever.


Synthesio 3.0 is aimed at making social media data more accessible, easier to understand and more flexible for customers. The result is a new set of capabilities that allow customers to be far more sophisticated with how they interact with social data, including filtering years of data, identifying deeper insights and quickly sharing robust KPI’s with the rest of their organization. Synthesio 3.0 will help companies advance the sophistication and adoption internally of their social programs. Whether a company is focusing on market research, brand intelligence monitoring, crisis management or overall campaign measurement, these product enhancements make slicing and dicing data for insights so much more robust.


This update sees a rebuilt foundation of the Synthesio platform to be faster and smarter. Finding useful insights takes less work, getting information to the right people takes less time and working with the data is simple and fun. These enhancements will let Synthesio users accomplish more with their data. Some other new improvements to the Synthesio platform include:

  • A quicker product that will deliver insights to users faster than ever before
  • A complete overhaul to platform usability, resulting in new and improved tools throughout the platform
  • Content performance trackers that will let users identify trending hashtags, URLs, websites and other posts
  • Richer and deeper queries
  • Instant and comprehensive reports
  • Advanced filtering for faster, deeper and more actionable insights


Interested in learning more about our next-generation social media intelligence? If you’re already a customer, you can speak to your Account Manager or Client Services Representative, or request a demo and we’ll be happy to show you how it works.