Social media listening tools are a crucial tool in any brand’s toolbox. Understanding what consumers are saying about your brand, and who those consumers are, can bring countless opportunities to better connect with audiences. However, in order to keep pace with the increasing prevalence of social media for the average consumer, many social media listening tools have developed haphazardly.

As a user, you want to see insights right when you log into a social media listening platform. Certainly, you also want the ability to dig into any segment of your data quickly and easily. Endless clicking, digging, and exporting data is no longer an option, especially as social media listening users strive to keep up with the hundreds, if not thousands, of relevant mentions published every day.

That’s why we’re changing the playing field of social media listening tools.

We’ve overhauled our entire social media listening tool, offering you three intuitive sections in our platform:

  1. Signals: AI-powered trend detection & insights
  2. Reports: BI-style reporting for social media intelligence
  3. Data: Raw data and mentions for export

Here are six things you can do in the new Synthesio experience that you couldn’t do before:

Trend Detection

1. Discover AI-surfaced trends

Gone are the days of searching and digging through endless mentions and widgets. With our new social media listening experience, you’ll see the latest trends among online conversations surrounding your brand every time you log into your dashboard. Signals, our AI-powered trend detector will surface statistically significant shifts, peaks, co-mentions, correlations, daily patterns, viral media, and context keywords to your dashboard homepage. In our platform, insights are literally 1-click away.


The best in social media listening tools: BI-Style Reporting

2. Build any widget

Having explored the insights found for you by Signals, get started creating reports by digging into any data segment. And when we say any, we actually do mean any.

Introducing the Widget Builder. The widget builder allows you to choose the metrics you want to examine, using the visualization that’s most intuitive to you. On top of that, not only did we create the builder itself, but we’ve also added a bunch of new chart options and filters, so that each widget you make, makes sense to you.


3. Dive deeper into every widget

Built your widget? Awesome! What’s even more awesome? It only takes 1-click to get the full picture. Now, every single widget you build is enhanced with an auto-generated contextual report that gets you to insights faster.


4. Edit, Drag, Drop, Resize, and Name Anything

Once you’ve built the widgets you need, make every page of your report your very own. Simply edit, drag, drop, resize, or name any element of your report without ever having to leave the page. In other words, you have 100% customization at your fingertips. Like everything in the new Synthesio experience, a beautiful and logically flowing report is just clicks away.


5. Filter in a flash.

So you’ve built and laid out your report. But, let’s say you want to look at a specific subtopic or country. Now, you can convieniently zero in on any segment of your data. Our new filtering system is displayed clearly at the top of every page of your report. Adjusting filters, and even understanding exactly what data segment you’re working with, has never been easier.


6. Share your findings.

You’ve done the work. Naturally, you want to share it. Our new export feature allows you to share your beautiful report or even an individual widget, exactly as you see it on your screen. Exporting only takes 1-click, and 2 seconds of your time!

Get the best of the best in the world of social media listening tools.

We’re rethinking the way social media listening is done so that you can discover the best strategy for your brand. Know that we are just getting started, and have many more cool features coming up for our social media listening tool. Register for one of our upcoming webinars to see how the new Synthesio experience can impact your brand.