In today’s age, almost every brand utilizes social media marketing to share their brand story and stay relevant. While not typically thought of as a digital industry, the construction industry is no different, as they realize that it is just as crucial for them to use social media platforms to share their best messaging and reach their audience, as any other industry.

According to We Are Social, 2.8 billion people globally were using social media in 2017. Statistically, that means that there are an incredibly large number of potential users that are interested in hiring a construction company, whether for a residential or a commercial project, that are on social media and can be reached by a construction company. To make sure that you don’t miss out on this massive audience, here are a few strategies and tips for how constructions brands can utilize social media marketing.

Launch Campaigns

Classically, when a construction company wanted to reach their audience with marketing campaigns they stuck with television commercials, print advertisements, billboards, radio advertisements etc. However, social media provides brands with an experience that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional marketing campaigns. Social media marketing allows brands to launch an incredibly targeted campaign with the click of a button, and obtain immediate reactions, feedback and analytics.


In this example, Bechtel Corporation, a leading global engineering, construction and project management firms, used their Twitter account to share an advertisement about a highly anticipated project they’re working on, Crossrail. This advertisement was also 2:20. In other words, they were to free themselves from the limitations of something printed and share a video that also freed themselves of the 15-second or 30-second slot limits of radio and television broadcasts.

Use Social Media Across Your Marketing Strategy

Social media is a free outlet to use, which gives you an even greater reason to make sure you have a solid online presence. For example, when you have an event, users are going to post pictures and information about the event and look to tag you. It is to your benefit if you’re active on social media.


Fluor Corporation had a speaking session at the recent Girls into STEM event, and thanks to a strong online presence, attendees (like the one above) were able to tag Fluor Corporation as they shared pictures and quotes from the session.

Create a Two-Way Conversation

Social media provides consumers with a great opportunity to have direct contact with brands. Social media users turn to their accounts to post their construction inquiries, including crowd-sourcing recommendations such as which company to use, best strategies for conquering a new construction, new designs, etc. Furthermore, brands can use their social platforms to show off, provide updates and garner useful consumer insights and feedback on their current and past projects.


In this Twitter post, you can see how Skanska UK leverages their Twitter account to share their latest designs for the Papworth Hospital. They even tried to make it interactive, building on that two-way conversation that social media is built for, and asked a question about the project. This tweet was posted in late May, and to date, it’s received 15 retweets, 34 likes and two replies to their questions. Not bad!

Relate to Your Audience

A brand’s social media page doesn’t have to be all business. In fact, to the contrary, social media is a great opportunity to give your business a personality, something that is especially helpful for an industry like construction that isn’t typically thought of as an industry that is filled with personality. Get involved in what’s trending for your target audience. If they’re interested in the Super Bowl, give your brand’s perspective on it. If the Oscar’s are coming up, try to see how your brand can relate to it.


Here’s a non-business post about how AECOM was rooting for the Germany and UK: Scotland – Wales teams in during the HyperloopOne. This Tweet was able to generate 6 retweets and 17 likes, increasing its brand reach.

The construction industry, like all others, can only benefit from the tools and strategies that are used in social media marketing. To get started and learn more about the top social media marketing terms, check out our guide, The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Dictionary.