Social Media Monitoring Climate Change Report Cover

Synthesio set out to discover what conversations occur around climate change and environmental issues when no one is asking. Using social media monitoring and analysis, our team gathered insights from all corners of the internet. Our new 45-page climate change report collects everything from social media posts — to updates from massive news networks and consumer reviews — to analyze climate conversations.

How We Wrote This Report

Combing through online communities, social networks, blogs, and forums helped us analyze the feelings and concerns of individuals regarding climate change. The latest social listening technology enabled us to identify which conversations are the loudest and where. We gained insight into how consumers are reacting to the environment around them by observing people’s feelings about our changing planet. Our data included all mentions between March and September 2019.  This robust data offers a clear window into the minds of consumers. We found that online users engaging in these conversations followed clear trends. The timeline of the discussion revolved around trending topics, closely following the volume of coverage by the news media. Below, we can see a heat map of where the conversation about climate change is happening most heavily.

Social Media Monitoring Global Climate Change Conversation

It is undeniable that climate change is at the forefront of both public social and mainstream media dialogues. This increase primarily accounts for renewed consumer interest in green companies, products, and living. The combination of these sentiments with many high-profile meetings with world leaders has grown consciousness in the global community. Concrete promises to wean the global economy from fossil fuels have also contributed. As a result, presidents, prime ministers, and corporate executives have worked together to avoid the worst effects of global warming.

Capitalizing on a Growing Movement

Our climate change report highlights innovative companies that are capitalizing on the quickly growing green movement. Extensive social media monitoring and analysis reveals that younger audiences talk more about climate change online than other age groups. As this generation matures, it is becoming more evident that they also reflect this green-forward mindset in their purchasing decisions. Companies have made it clear that there is money to be made by positioning their company as ethical, sustainable, and socially conscious.

For in-depth social insights and charts about this topic, download our Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Report on the Fast-Paced Landscape of Climate Change Conversations