Like any celebration, Mother’s Day is an occasion for brands to go all out with their marketing campaigns. Each year sees competition amongst major brands to see which one will be the most creative. In Asia, local brands have to compete with global ones. The latter has a bigger budget, which is reflected in their content. However, some local brands still manage to create a buzz around their ads by pulling on the audience’s heartstrings. To illustrate, we used social our social media monitoring dashboard to discover some of the most talked about campaigns this Mother’s Day and people’s feelings towards these ads.

Social media monitoring dashboard: Global and Local brands surfing on Mother’s Day


The fast-food brand launched a risque global campaign this year. Their Mother’s Day campaign features a video of a group of dancers called “chickendales” performing on a stage with chicken costumes. KFC also launched a website where customers could create a special chickendale video for their mother. However, this bizarre campaign didn’t receive a great response. Although some found it funny, others thought it was too much. Customers felt uncomfortable and overall, slightly baffled.



SBI Life Insurance

Indian insurance company SBI has seen a positive buzz on social media thanks to its touching Mother’s Day campaign. Their ad pays tribute to SOS mothers in India who take care of abandoned children and is based on the true story of a woman who raised 22 children. This ad generated thousands of reactions. People were moved by the video and praised SBI for it.



Jollibee is a Filipino fast-food company, and the country’s largest brand. It is known for releasing emotional campaigns during important holidays and this Mother’s Day is no exception. They’ve launched a video called “schoolboy.” It tells the story of a boy being mocked by his schoolmates because of his birthmark. The clip lasts 6 minutes and shows how supportive the mother is to her son throughout the challenges he has to face. The video has already collected thousands of views and seen an emotional response from consumers.



Another fast-food brand which bet on an emotional video. The American brand launched a unique campaign for the Philippines.  The video pays tribute to single mothers through a short conversation between a daughter and her mother at McDonald’s. The advert generated positive and emotional reactions amongst Filipinos.


Our social media media monitoring dashboard shows that consumers are most receptive to heartwarming campaigns that are in more in keeping with the occasion of Mother’s Day. It’s crucial for marketers to stand out when creating a particular holiday campaign. Although global brands have tended to dominate, sometimes their campaigns miss the mark and local companies like SBILife are showing they know their audience and emerging with engaging content.

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