royal babyIf you’ve been anywhere near a tabloid or celebrity gossip blog in the past few weeks, it’s safe to say you’ve probably seen photos of a very pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, and speculations around the highly anticipated Royal Baby’s name. The Twitterverse has also been massively abuzz with these conversations  –  increasingly so, as the world waits anxiously for the Royal Baby’s arrival.

At Synthesio, we love to dig deeper into the public conversations surrounding any event of this magnitude that creates such global buzz, so we decided to monitor and analyze all social media conversations surrounding the Royal Baby.

Around 62% of social media users predict that the royal baby will be a girl, with the most popular choices for a name being:

1.      Alexandra

2.      Elizabeth

3.      Margaret

4.      Victoria

5.      Charlotte

For a boy, users predict that he will be called: George, with James, Andrew, Philip and Edward also being hotly tipped.

Our analysis of relevant conversations across Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums and comment sections of online publications around the world and shows that 28% of all royal baby related online conversations took place in UK, compared to 26% from the US. A high amount of online royal baby speculation was also picked up across Commonwealth countries such as Australia, India, Nigeria and South Africa.

Across the US and the Commonwealth countries, the most popular girl’s name is Elizabeth, whereas George is the favored boy’s name across the globe.

Catriona Oldershaw, MD Synthesio UK, said: “The Twittersphere is currently flooded with predictions relating to the gender and the name of the royal baby. It seems as though the majority of users have decided that the Duke and Duchess are going to have a baby girl and she will be called Alexandra. The rationale behind why this name is so popular and why nearly two thirds of users believe the baby will be a girl, is far from clear.”

What do you think the Royal Baby’s name will be? Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer to find out!