Strategic Planners, experts in identification and analysis of consumer behavior, are known for being able to detect and anticipate new trends in their earliest stages, in order to provide the best-in-class strategic plan. This plan is crucial for all agencies, as it is the document that will enable agencies to build a new communication strategy for each of their clients.

So what does it take for a strategic planner to put together a new plan?

ideaTo start, the strategic planner has to understand the brand inside and out by not only going through all of the information that they were provided, but also by doing their own research. This way, the planner understands what the brand is (or thinks it is), and also how it is viewed from the outside.

Competition among agencies has significant consequences on the job quality

As an analyst, sociologist and marketer, this expert spends a lot of time combing through data, but the problem is that, too often, strategic planners have very short deadlines and sometimes they are working on too many projects and proposals for new clients that they likely will not win, to properly get the job done for the more important and winnable opportunities.

This has an effect on the agencies that these strategic planners work with, as their role is typically critical when building a communication strategy, however, with the increasing competition between agencies, the shorter deadlines for proposals and the ever declining budgets, agencies are challenged to work more and more, without the information that they were once able to gain from strategic planners.

Provide qualitative work while reducing costs becomes esential

Many communication agencies are struggling, and by investing in taking a part of a lot of projects that they don’t win, they can sometimes seriously hurt their bottom line. One of the solutions to keep the quality of the work up, relies on providing a solution to strategic planners that will enable them to work faster, while ensuring a qualitative and productive solution.

Social Intelligence and Stratégic Planner: Best Friends Forever

If strategic planners wouldn’t need to use multiple platforms to do their research, with each one taking up their valuable (and almost non-existant) time, as well as costing the company a lot of money, and if they could identify trends, understand the customer’s reputation, the market perception and the consumers expectations and behaviour, they would be able to work in a manner that is much more productive. This is where a Social Intelligence platform comes in. Social Intelligence is what you gain from listening, monitoring and analyzing all your online data, and it enables strategic planners to  provide strategic recommendations faster to the creative teams since they will have better and easier access to the data. This leads agencies to be able to get their plans to the customer (or potential customers) faster with a strong project, and would increase chances to win more deals.