Sunder Pichai CEO Google

Sunder Pichai, Indian CEO of Google; Source: BBC

The elevation of  43-year-old Indian-American Sunder Pichai to CEO of Google is making waves across Indian media and social media outlets, with many seeing his rise as nothing less than a triumph for the country. According to a profile in Bloomberg magazine, Mr. Pichai’ was born and raised in South India. After graduating from IIT Kharagpur, he was offered a scholarship at Stanford, and the rest, as they say, is history.

This has obviously been an incredibly patriotic moment for Indians all over. The Indian press, bloggers and citizens, took to the Internet and congratulated Mr. Pichai on making the country proud. According to our platform, the tag #Alphabet was one of the top trends on Twitter in India following Google’s announcement, but most of the tweets centered around Mr. Pichai.

The Hindu, a popular Indian newspaper, called the news “a bonus for people of Indian-origin world over,” The Times of India hailed the “quiet yet thoughtful” man from Chennai (Madras), while The Economic Times, Forum ThinkDigit, and Blogs like The Tech Portal also chiming in with praise for the man and the promotion. Even India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Mr. Pichai from his personal Twitter account.

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With that, both India and the world is excited to see Sundar Pichai take over as CEO of the newly formed Google Inc subsidiary. His responsibilities will now also extend to YouTube, which will continue to be managed day to day by Susan Wojcicki, the long-time executive whose garage was where Google’s founders set up shop. He will also be responsible for all of Google’s advertising businesses, putting him in charge of the revenue engine that underwrites all of Larry Page’s grand, long-term ambitions.