Can you hear it?

It’s the sound of 500 million tweets being published every day. It’s the sound of your customers communicating on over millions of different forums, blogs and a variety of other sources every day. These discussions are happening all over the world, in many different languages, not just in text, but also in images and videos.

Are you listening?

How do you plan to collect and find insights from within that data? How do you benchmark yourself against your competitors? How can you see how you’re doing against yourself year-over-year?

Almost a year ago, we at Synthesio saw that social teams needed to provide real KPIs and metrics to the rest of the organization, and that drove our ROI release last spring. Our customers were excited, but it became clear quickly that people wanted to combine ROI metrics with fine-grained data analysis, ever-greater data volumes and at a very high speed. We took a look at our complete technology stack from the ground up, not just the look-and-feel, but our back-end systems, and even our global compute infrastructure.

I’m excited to (unofficially) let you know that the first fruits of that labor is coming in Q1 2016, and we’ve dubbed it “Synthesio 3.0.” The vision with this release is that Synthesio will be the social listening and analytics platform that allows you to easily do everything you need at the same speed as social media itself.

Between now and the day that Synthesio 3.0 hits, we’ll be periodically putting out these brief posts with teasers of new features, all of which will culminate with the big reveal!

Today, I wanted to start off by talking about speed. With over 600 million data sources, Synthesio has always specialized in having the broadest set of social data. But that data is only useful if we can get it in front of users fast enough to make it actionable, and we wanted to set ourselves up to be able to support the next 600 million sources. So a major change that we’re rolling out is our use of Elasticsearch as a core search and indexing platform. Elasticsearch can ingest millions of mentions in short order and return results lighting fast. As an example, from our internal testing, we can calculate ROI metrics on 70 million brand mentions in less than 2 seconds. We’re also leveraging Elasticsearch to let us index new data properties, such as age, gender and affinities, you’ll get more on that at a later date. Finally, with Elasticsearch, we can easily support the complex needs of enterprise customers, such as data encryption and segregation, real-time failover and infinite scalability. To our users, the technology change will be transparent, everything will just get faster. Couple this with the rest of the 3.0 release, and users will have a whole new world of functionality.

There are many other new features soon to come, are you listening now?