Earlier this morning, the guy who sits next to me at work whipped out a brand new Nintendo Switch. As he unzipped the fancy case, I noticed people’s faces light up with excitement when they got their first look at an eagerly awaited piece of technology. I could also see the look of pride on my coworker’s face as he showed it off to a cluster of geeks ready to get their hands on a new toy.

The emotions that lie behind acquiring something are quite strong – there’s the anticipation of the acquisition, the excitement of showing it off, the pride of ownership, the growing love you feel for something long cherished and now finally achieved. So it is with overwhelming anticipation, excitement, and pride that I have the pleasure of announcing Synthesio’s latest acquisition – Social Karma.

Social Karma Team


Synthesio is in the midst of an aggressive two-year acquisition strategy, with the goal of building the most strategic, useful and insightful Social Analytics suite for our customers. Social Karma and their entire Brussels-based organization are the latest addition to the Synthesio family, as their technology provides incredible insights and information based on social data. Social Karma is a SaaS platform that allows marketers to measure, compare and optimize their performance on social networks – with a granular focus on Facebook audiences. This acquisition will expand Synthesio’s capabilities into the realm of persona analysis and owned social analytics. Social Karma’s platform is split into two incredibly powerful interfaces – Profiler and Page Karma.

Profiler facilitates the creation of market research dashboards concentrated on specific audiences and personas on Facebook. These dashboards can be leveraged to address a number of common social intelligence use cases including content planning, sponsorship analysis, and media optimization.

Page Karma adds more power to our already existing owned channel analysis by breaking down audiences into actionable data points. The Page Karma interface delivers insights about a brand’s core audience, like optimal times to post, most resonant channels and most engaging posts. These data points can all be compared to the competition to provide a robust benchmarking analysis of a brand’s social competitive landscape.

All of these new capabilities, when added to Synthesio’s already powerful arsenal of offerings, will provide our clients with easy access to the most actionable and strategic audience insights on the market. As with any fresh acquisition, our next steps are to merge the Social Karma team and technology into their new family. We’re beyond excited to welcome our new Belgian team members – and even more excited to show off our new technology to the world.

If you want to know more about Social Karma – and the groundbreaking suite of offerings they are adding to the Synthesio experience, check out our official announcement here.


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