A note from Loic Moisand, CEO & Co-Founder of Synthesio


I’m happy to share with you some exciting news — Synthesio is now part of Ipsos! There is excitement in our offices, and our team couldn’t be more proud to join the Ipsos family! Following this great news, I want to extend a big and sincere “thank you” to all of our customers, employees, partners and investors who have helped us reach this point. I also want to share with you how our combined companies will deliver exceptional customer service to our customers.

What does this all mean? It means that we’ll get to keep delivering the same great software products we always have, and we’ll have even more resources to serve our current and future customers. Innovative software products and fantastic customer service continues to be our guiding principle here at Synthesio. Our commitment to providing the absolute best customer experience in the industry is still our top priority. We will continue to maintain and surpass these standards, and we are excited about the additional services we’ll be able to provide as part of Ipsos.

Many of you probably have questions about ongoing support and the product roadmap for our software. Synthesio is a software company; Ipsos is a services company. Our software is what has made us successful, and Ipsos’ service offerings are world class. They are complementary. Often with technology acquisitions, two technologies have to be merged into one. We don’t have that here. The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite will get increased investment, not the opposite, and will not need to merge with any other technology platforms. Ipsos is the leader for global market research & consulting, and we’ll continue on that path of success together.

We look forward to continued growth in the cities where we have offices today and expansion to new areas through Ipsos’ global footprint. I’m excited to welcome many new customers and employees to Synthesio as we begin our next chapter as an Ipsos company.

Together, Synthesio and Ipsos will empower every business to turn social data into actionable insights. We look forward to continuing on this journey with you!

Loic Moisand
CEO & Co-Founder of Synthesio

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