As I discussed in my last post, seeing trends sooner requires both machine intelligence and human expertise. This means combining next-gen AI and NLP technology that provides the engine, expert built analytical frameworks that provide the context, and human-machine teams and partnerships that provide scale.  Forrester Leader AICI

Enter a new breed of AI-enabled consumer intelligence platforms (AICI) which allow market research and insights professionals to anticipate consumer behaviors through predictive analytics and to enable better decision-making across the enterprise. AICI solutions combine data from outside sources (like social or search) with data that companies own, and provide tools for exploring trends and finding unexpected shifts in markets or consumer behavior. AICI may start with social listening, or voice of the customer surveys; but AICI solutions also have roots in and support other segments/capabilities like customer analytics, text analysis, and even insights services.

For example, when you study how employees feel about going back to the office, surveys are great for exploring how they have adjusted to working from home, what flexible work arrangements have meant to them personally and professionally, and preferences about working post-pandemic. But how are those feelings expressed in conversations with friends, and what does it say about actual sentiment – and future behavior? What questions are you not asking them that you should? What are emerging themes found across the social chatter or within the searches they are running? (note: this is a topic that our team has actually been exploring with our friends at Ipsos.Digital)

For market researchers and insights pros, AICI solutions aren’t just the next big thing. They are here. And Synthesio is leading the charge with our hybrid offering that brings NLP and AI technology together with services and analytical frameworks from Ipsos.

We think it’s the most effective path to delivering a more complete, accurate, and predictive picture of your markets and buyers. AND more critically, Forrester’s brand new evaluation validates our vision and approach.

Forrester Recognizes Synthesio as a Leader in its New Wave

Forrester evaluations provide a key tool for understanding tech markets and comparing top vendors. The Wave is their flagship model and is known to make and move markets, literally. The firm’s newest evaluation – The Forrester New Wave™: AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Platforms, Q3 2021, shines the spotlight on the potential of AICI and how the top vendors compare in terms of strategy, current offering, and market presence.

So what do they say that particularly stands out?

First, Synthesio is recognized as a Leader in the New Wave and #2 overall. And we were given the TOP score for strategy – some pretty nice validation of our direction and approach! Looking back at Forrester’s New Tech report, we are also the top-rated hybrid platform/service provider overall in this Wave, ahead of NetBase Quid, Linkfluence, and others. They also call out that Synthesio’s “longer-term customers praise the vendors’ ambitious roadmap, which has showcased actionable, use-case-specific frameworks since its 2018 acquisition by Ipsos.” Nice!

Second, Forrester had some great things to say about our current offering or product capabilities as well. They gave us the highest scores for Data sources, Domains and languages, and Analytics and reporting. These capabilities are all foundational to AICI as an omnichannel, global, actionable solution. Plus, we love that they also noted that Synthesio “Offers the strongest proactive explanatory capability.”

So AICI is here. And we are here to help you navigate this insights revolution.

Want to see what else Forrester is saying about the market, the top nine vendors, and how to compare them? Download the report by clicking below.

Download Forrester’s New Wave Report