We’re thrilled to bring you the newest addition to our continually expanding slate of offerings: Synthesio Plus. Synthesio Plus brings social media interaction data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube directly into your Social Intelligence dashboards.

Synthesio Plus is about more than likes, views, and shares – we’ve built an entirely new ROI infrastructure around interaction metrics that includes two new KPIs – Media Value and Engagement Rate. These new metrics are built into two dedicated widgets that allow you to visualize your interaction data as high-level business intelligence that puts a value on individual posts, topics and subtopics.

We’ve also added a new way to visualize and sort your mentions – in a brand new Mention Feed, featuring in-stream images and video. Dashboards enriched with Synthesio Plus interaction metrics have the capability to sort by Engagement Rate and Total Interactions, in addition to our standard sorting by either Date or Influence.

These features have a value far beyond the metrics and widgets that come as a part of the Synthesio Plus offering. The inclusion of interaction metrics in a data set empowers brands across all verticals with additional consumer feedback that enriches the qualitative mentions that fill our dashboards. This enable:

  • More accurate and granular audience segmentation
  • More ways to gauge influence – and more metrics to track the ROI of your panels
  • More precise and intuitive trend discovery – as volume surges in interactions are typically much more drastic than those in qualitative mentions
  • More secure crisis management to track when the public speaks with icons and not words
  • More reliable campaign performance analysis – as interaction metrics ripple farther than qualitative mentions about the brand

All this and more to come – it’s why we named it Synthesio Plus. It’s all the amazing power of our Social Intelligence platform – plus more.

If you’d like more information about Synthesio Plus, contact your Account Manager or request a demo below.