A few days ago, our client Remy Cointreau – one of the leaders in premium spirits worldwide – held a workshop day in their Paris office dedicated entirely to social listening. We were thrilled to be invited to talk about the evolution and future of social listening.

The breadth of teams represented shows just how broad the applications of social listening are: from Social Media to Digital Marketing, Corporate Communications, Marketing Survey, and Marketing Intelligence, the group gathered to talk best practices, share success stories, and ideate innovations they’d like to see in the Synthesio platform.

We were inspired by their use of social listening to better navigate their daily decisions and drive business outcomes. In this blog, we’ll share our top takeaways and how users across their Marketing and Communications teams are getting the most out of social listening.

Digital and Social Media Marketing: Measuring campaigns and tracking competitors 

Remy Cointreau’s objective is to effectively track the success of their campaigns online, so they use the Synthesio platform to gather mentions related to their brand and their top competitors. By analyzing conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites, they can:

  • Determine the success of online messaging and branding 
  • Detect consumer sentiment in conversations related to their brand
  • Measure engagement, performance, and brand health KPIs
  • Search data uncovers your consumers’ intent

To quantify these variables, their teams are tracking multiple KPIs, including:

  • Share of Voice (total volume of conversations) 
  • Share of Interactions (shows which brands are most engaging and whose voices are amplified through shares or reactions)
  • Share of Reach (helps understand the potential number of people exposed to conversations related to their brand and their competitors)
  • Owned Volume vs. Earned Volume (cross-channel analysis allows them to understand how their performance on owned channels vs. in user-generated content)
  • Owned Interactions vs Earned Interactions (similar to above, but focused on interactions/engagement)


This helps them adapt and optimize their subsequent campaigns and create more relevant content. They’re also able to pinpoint any negative sentiments about their brand and take immediate action to improve this perception. For more on social listening for brand intelligence and campaign measurement, check out our recent webinar, “5 Steps to Social Listening Success.” 

We asked what’s next for their social listening initiatives, and the teams shared aspirations for more automation and custom reporting: for example, monthly reports with top 10 best practices or successes from competitors, or a digest of the 10 top-performing social posts. They also mentioned how crucial it will be to compare similar periods year over year to uncover trends and seasonal spikes. 

Marketing Survey and Marketing Intelligence: Identify and analyze trends

For this team, being able to identify emerging trends in the industry is most important. To do so, they analyze conversations across the entire industry – not just related to their brand. But as we know, trends don’t emerge in vacuums or single markets, so they also look to adjacent industries to spot any meaningful shifts. 

Here’s one example they shared with us: alcohol-free has become an established trend. Alcohol-free cocktails are popular among consumers, and influencers all over the internet are continuing to promote them. Remy Cointreau needs to be able to identify – and even predict – trends like this one as they emerge. To capitalize on changing consumption behaviors, they need to be able to anticipate them and develop new products and go-to-market strategies before the trends take hold. If they only become aware of trends once they’re mainstream, it’s already too late. In fact, we discussed trend detection and prediction in the food industry in our recent webinar; check out the recording here.

So, to stay ahead of emerging topics and themes, the team is using Synthesio’s AI-driven, topic modeling engine. The bottom-up analysis allows them to understand which topics are top of mind for consumers and understand the potential impact on their brand. Their ultimate goal is to be able to combine these insights with other sources of data, like their customer interviews, for a complete view of consumers.

When asked what they’d like to achieve in the future, they said being able to identify sub-trends within larger consumer trends. While they’re already aware of the mega-trends impacting their business, they want to dive deeper to spot more market opportunities. How do they plan to do it? By combining survey and social data – and evening correlating KPIs between the two.


Synthesio Roadmap: Data hybridization and analytical frameworks

At the end of the session, we shared our planned innovations with the Remy Cointreau teams. After hearing their future plans and social listening needs, we were excited to show how our product roadmap – and evolution from social listening to AI-enabled consumer intelligence – will give them the tools and resources to accomplish their goals. 

What do we mean? Put simply, we’ll deliver more than just insights from social data. By “hybridizing” our data – or, incorporating online and offline data streams – we’ll be able to deliver a 360° understanding of consumers, markets, and societies, so our clients can make better business decisions. In fact, starting in 2022, the Remy Cointreau teams (and all clients!), will be able to ingest survey and search data right into the platform.

But data ingestion is only the first step; analyzing and deriving meaningful insights from that data is what’s most important. This is why we are incorporating even more advanced analytical frameworks into the platform. With decades of market-research expertise, our colleagues at Ipsos have developed these frameworks to enable our clients to accurately identify the signals and trends that matter – in real-time.

A huge thank you to Anatole Sarot!

Finally, we want to thank Anatole Sarot, Senior Business Advisor at Remy Cointreau, for inviting us to this great session. Among other responsibilities, Anatole champions and manages the brand’s social listening initiatives, sharing knowledge and best practices across teams and countries. He was also kind enough to let us interview him; listen to the audio below for some great insights!



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