Canadian Millennials account for 9.8 million or 27% of Canada’s total population, which is 36.29 million. The Canadian Millennials group is rising and soon will become the number one age group in Canada. This age group provides a strong opportunity for marketers to start targeting them because they will soon have the largest buying influence.

We studied the characteristics of this rising demographic by using Profiler, our audience insights platform. The insights we gathered in our audience analysis study can help marketers determine what’s important to this large age group. This, in turn, will help result in more effective targeting strategies.


Social Insights Around Female Canadian Millennials

The insights we collected suggests that the average female Canadian Millennial is employed in the personal care, home service, or administrative service industry. They watch the Food Network, W Network and browse through Marie Claire. This indicates that they are very interested in cooking, pop culture, and beauty. We also found that 9.8% of Canadian Millennial females go to nightclubs and 8.9% enjoy music festivals. They seem like a fun bunch!

The average Canadian Millennial female drinks Starbucks and Arizona Iced Tea. Their favorite product and service brands include Sephora and Nutella. Canadian Millennial females use Refinery29 and Reddit which indicates that they’re interested in social news and trends. They care about animal rights and religion. They are likely to drive a Honda Civic and shop at La Senza and Aritzia.


Social Insights Around Male Canadian Millennials

On the other hand, we found that male Canadian Millennials are very different. They tend to work in production, sales, or the transportation and moving industry. They enjoy reading Sportsnet, Canadian Business, and The Hockey News. In their spare time, they watch TSN and Vudu. They are interested in ice hockey and basketball. This signifies that they have a strong passion for sports and like to keep up with business industry trends. The Canadian Millennial male enjoys drinking Red Bull and Coors Light. Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West are their most listened to music artists which express their interest in music genres similar to hip-hop.

We found that they frequently shop at DC Shoes, Stussy and drive Ford GTs. This indicates that their style is mainly comprised of streetwear. They play video games in their free time and prefer both Xbox and PlayStation. Doritos are one of their favorite snacks and they like to relax by watching something on Netflix. When traveling, they are more inclined to visit either the United States or Australia. They also use websites like TourRadar that focus on cheap, affordable transportation and recommendations to get the best deals on travel. They care about the military and place importance on culture.


Audience insights, like these around Canadian Millennials, are able to give marketers a better view of who they’re marketing towards when planning out their upcoming strategies. For more information on Canadian Millennials, download our guide on North American Millennial Characteristics.


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