The 10 Most Popular Topics on the Web

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The 10 Most Popular Topics on the Web


Do you know what the most popular topics on the web are worldwide? I’m sure you have a few guesses, but we have used our global social media listening platform to uncover these topics for you.

We divided our index among 40 different categories that we’ve seen to be the major categories for websites. Using this classification we were able to analyze over 200 million verbatim to analyze what the top 10 most popular topics on the web are.

Take a look at the hottest topics on the web, in our infographic below.

popular topics web

Check out our ebook, Social Sentiment Analysis, to learn how we use Natural Language Processing to understand the social sentiment and identify popular topics and trends online.


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  1. Android apks Says:

    Good work

  2. Mery Linda Says:


    Nice to have read highlights mentioned for global social media plateform and seem it in details containing 40 different categories.

    Really its a great effort and work done on this website. I would also suggest and recommend friends to visit this site and get the related information.

    Keep it up.

    Thanks for sharing.

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