The State of NOW conference 2013 has come to an end, but with over 6,000 tweets in just two days (June 18-19), it has definitely left its mark on the digital community of NYC and beyond.

Some of the top trending topics being tweeted (try saying that three times fast)  include: healthy, yoga, fitness, love, life, fun, social and learn – representative of the thought-provoking and innovative sessions centered around this year’s theme of health, wellness and YOU.

The conversation peaked at an impressive level of almost 800 tweets in just one hour on the first day of the event – between 10am-11am – more than likely on account of engaging presentations from Andia Winslow – Professional Athlete & Founder of  The Fit Cycle, Tara Stiles – model turned yoga instructor and founder of Strala Yoga, Chris Brogan – CEO Human Works & Jacqueline Carly – Body Health Expert, and Angela Shelton – Author/Actor.

Yesterday, we posted the 140 Conference 2013 Halftime Report announcing the trends and influencers at the halfway point, but now the time has come to share the final results. Who made it to the top of the 140 Conference Influencers list? Check out the Post Game Report below to find out! Congrats to the Final Top Influencers, and to the founder of the 140 Conference, Jeff Pulver, who makes the widely feared one-armed push up look easy.

Total 140 Conference Tweets

Over 6000 tweets in two days!

Trending Topics of the 140 Conference


Top 10 Influencers


Influencers are ranked via SynthesioRank proprietary influence ranking system, which calculates a website’s or user’s influence as it pertains to any topic, event, or brand. Twitter users are ranked via the number of on-topic tweets, total tweets, followers, following, and the number of times they’ve been listed.