Easter is my personal favorite time of year because stores are filled with chocolates and candies. With chocolate bunnies, peeps and chocolate eggs dominating the shelves of shops everywhere I look, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the top trending Easter candies and chocolates on social media. Through the use of Social Intelligence, I analyzed all the different major brands of Easter treats to see which ones generated the most buzz this year.

According to a recent study, the UK consumes the largest amount of candy annually, per person, at 2.91 lbs. – followed by the U.S (1.92 lbs.), Russia (1.33 lbs.), and Canada (.92 lbs). We took a look at our World Mapping widget, that pulls in the number of mentions based on regions, to determine if Social Intelligence would support these statistics. Here’s the breakdown of top regions talking about Easter candy this year.

Easter Candy Chocolate Social Media


Now, let’s take a look at how our favorite candy and chocolate brands stacked up on social media.


Easter Candy Social Media

Not much of a surprise here, but when it came to candy, the clear winner was Peeps, the ultimate Easter candy with its bunny shapes and pastel colors. Peeps dominated the Easter candy conversations this year with a whopping 78% of the total topic mentions. Personally, I was rooting for my favorites SweeTarts and Jolly Ranchers, but that clearly didn’t go as planned.

Now that I’ve touched on the candy, it’s time to look at the chocolates.
Easter Chocolate Social Media


These eight chocolate brands are all over the grocery stores during Easter season. Chocolate brands are able to benefit from this holiday by creating products in celebration, including chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs. By promoting these seasonal candies, they’re able to increase brand awareness during this time of year.

Cadbury joined in on the Easter fun by sponsoring over 250 Easter egg hunts across England, bringing great, positive publicity to their brand. Each person that completes this Easter egg hunt is rewarded with a treat from Cadbury. This could have had a major impact on their top Easter chocolate social mentions.

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