Singapore Millennials account for 1.2 million people22 percent of the total population in Singapore. This cohort represents almost one-fourth of the Singapore population, giving them a significant power to foster economic growth. Social media is playing a large role in the decision-making process of Singaporean Millennials. They spend on average, 3.4 hours on their phones daily, and are focused on spending their money on intangible goods such as entertainment, travel, and event ticket.

We used Profiler to study the characteristics and interests of this considerable generation. Audience analyses are powerful tools marketers can use to dive deep into their target audience and get to know who they are, and what drives them to purchase. Take a look at the brief overview an what we found in our analysis of Singapore Millennials.

Female Singapore Millennials

Average female Singapore Millennials tends to work in the healthcare, medical services, or sales industry. They watch Pelangi and MTV and read magazines such as 8 Days and The Star. This indicates that they have a strong interest in pop culture news and reality tv shows. We also found that Singapore Millennials prefer parties over concerts and music festivals.

Female Singapore Millennials enjoy traveling to South Korea and use Airbnb, HomeAway, and Skyscanner to book their tickets and accommodations. Their favorite product and service brands include Laneige, Etude House, Spotify, and Zalora Malaysia. This indicates that they have higher affinities for natural skin care and cosmetics mainly Korean beauty. Insights also show that they like streaming music and shopping at trendy stores. They listen to Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and G-Dragon. They drink Ribena and enjoy going to The Coffee Bean & Tea. They are also likely to drive a Fiat or Perodua vehicle. Causes they tend to care about include religion and social science.

Male Singapore Millennials

Male Singapore Millennials have some similarities to female Singapore Millennials. They both work in the healthcare and medical services, watch MTV, listen to Spotify, use Airbnb, and care about religion. However, while they do have some similarities, male Millennials have higher affinities for different interests and brands. They also tend to work in architecture and engineering and enjoy reading Torque and Prothom Alo. While they like watching MTV, they have higher affinities for StarHub and Thanthi TV. Male Singapore Millennials also favor Razer Inc., PlayStation, Adidas, Tumblr, and KFC over other products and service brands. They drink Red Bull and Heineken and frequently shop at Adidas and Limited Edit.

Male Singapore Millennials tend to drive a Volkswagen Scirocco or Nissan GT-R. They prefer going to nightclubs and listen to Namewee and Lady Gaga. They are most likely to travel to Bangladesh or India and use Holiday Inn or Sofitel for sleeping accommodations. This indicates that they have a gap in preference between more of a budget hotel and a luxury hotel. This also shows that they are service driven and would be willing to pay more if they have perceived value. They also use STA travel which illustrates that they are a student but can afford to have a travel agency to help them with their planning. While male Singapore Millennials care strongly about religion, they also show interest in community issues and the military.

Audience insights, like these around Singapore Millennials, give marketers the ideas they need to reach their target market effectively. Companies can make better marketing decisions and form a robust strategy by using insights to drive results. For more information on Singapore Millennials, download our guide on Asia-Pacific Millennial Characteristics.

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