Travel is a subject close to my heart. And keeping an eye on what travel influencers and digital nomads are sharing on social media comes naturally to me. While this is interesting to me as an individual who loves to travel and dabbles in travel blogging and vlogging, it could be very useful information for organizations in the travel space.

I took a look at the last 3 months social media buzz around what travel bloggers were saying in Singapore. And here are just some observations I thought were interesting.

First, travelers have developed a vocabulary of their own. And brands/businesses need to learn it to be able to talk to this set of people. Check out some of the popular travel-related hashtags in the word cloud below. These are just in the last 3 months for one country. The vocabulary will evolve and grow and it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on the modifications to this taxonomy for regions across the world.

Next, people often share pictures from the airport, pictures of the aircraft and the interiors from their flight. In addition, some of us love to brag about the lounge access at the airport or that business class seat. What this means is that airports need to have more “Insta-worthy” spaces or in other words better aesthetics. Free upgrades or complimentary lounge access for travel bloggers are another way to get some word of mouth.

Besides, the airport and the national carrier itself could be feathers in a destination’s branding cap as they very much are in the case of Changi airport and Singapore airlines. Anyone wanting people to take notice, travel to their country and share about what a great experience they had, should be paying special attention to their airports and carriers.

We are fascinated by lights and colors.
While Singapore probably has enough avenues to capture the city lights, it can do better on being colorful and quirky. Recently, we’ve seen a burst of wall artat Arab Street and Little India, the little red dot can continue efforts to become a more colorful red dot. iLight and SG night fests also seem like a step in the right direction.

Travel and food goes hand-in-hand
. While this doesn’t come as a surprise, it cannot be more emphasized based on what travel influencers share about Singapore. Some more local vegetarian options won’t hurt reaching out to the emerging uber vegetarians/vegans worldwide.

Travelling with a personal stuff toy mascot is a thing…

Finally, having travel influencers come to your country and give an honest review is perhaps the best thing that could happen these days. If you haven’t already, hear what #NasDaily had to say about Singapore.

Social Media Listening
is a really interesting and fun way to get to know people and trends better. Imagine what you can learn if you were listening to travel-related discussions all over the world?

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