Synthesio has released a new report exploring the #Wellness community on Twitter to uncover the top trends that brand marketers and insights pros need to know as they head into 2023.

The Birdseye Report, released as part of the Twitter Official Partner Program (TOPP), examines seven topics through the lens of Twitter audiences and conversations to uncover emerging trends and themes. As a new TOPP member, we are excited to be a part of this report for the first time – and to share our findings.

In addition to analyzing Twitter data, Synthesio partnered with its Ipsos team members to incorporate the latest research about wellness perceptions and priorities – like the fact that mental health (mentioned by a global country average of 36%) is now ranked higher than cancer (34%) when people are asked to think about top health concerns. Thanks to the help of our data science team, we also featured trend forecasts for key topics like sleep and nutrition based on consumer behavior on both Twitter and Google Search.

The report analyzes 16 physical and mental health topics from fitness and weight loss to anxiety, depression, and body image. Within it, you’ll learn why consumers are embracing new, holistic definitions of wellness and how brands can deliver products, services, and experiences that better meet consumers’ (and employees’) needs.

For a sneak preview, check out our velocity and maturity mapping of these 16 topics across four countries: UK, USA, Australia, and India. Representing two years of Twitter data, the chart shows most-discussed – or more mature – topics like anxiety, depression, health/medicine, and COVID-19. We also see interesting outliers like body image and weight loss that are less mature but have high short-term velocity, indicating recent growth.

There are also key nuances by country: mindfulness is a much more mature topic in India, for example, while addiction shows higher short- and long-term velocity growth in the UK than the other three countries.

Curious to see what this all means for marketers, insights pros, and advertisers? Download your free copy of the #Wellness Birdseye Report now. If you’re ready to see AI-enabled consumer intelligence in action, you can also request a demo with our team.