US Millennials account for over one-quarter of the nation’s population, with about 83.1 million people in this cohort. This diverse group has surpassed Baby Boomers, which used to be the largest group, by 7.7 million people. With a $200 billion spending power in the United States alone, marketers need to tap into this potential audience to increase revenue and market share.

We conducted a report using Profiler, our audience insights platform, to take a look at US Millennials characteristics. Audience insights platforms can help marketers improve their strategies to reach this valuable segment and hone in on certain subgroups within this cohort to effectively target their message.


US Millennials – Female

Our insights suggest that the average United States female Millennial is working in the sales, food, and restaurant, or administrative services industry. She watches E-News and the Food Network and browses through Teen Vogue magazines. This indicates that she places importance on pop culture news and fashion. 14.4% of US Millennial females go to parties and 8.4% go to bars for fun. The typical US Millennial female drinks Starbucks and Sprite Zero. This cohort prefers Justin Bieber over Selena Gomez by 4.7% which expresses their preference for pop music and contemporary R&B over dance-pop.

Her favorite product and service brands include Sephora, Oreo, and Refinery29. She uses Pinterest and Instagram which illustrates that she’s a visualist and places importance on obtaining others ideas. She cares about PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and is an advocate for protecting the environment. She drives a Lexus IS and shops at Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21. This signals her priority on purchasing more expensive long-term products and staying on trend with her fashion by shopping at fast fashion retailers. Although she is environmentally friendly, one aspect she falls short is with her fashion needs. This could be due to her wants of saying trendy on a budget. Insights such as these help marketers determine the most effective ways that their companies can reach this audience segment.


US Millennials – Male

The ordinary United States male Millennial is working in the construction and extraction, or production industry. He watches ESPN and Adult Swim and reads Vice magazine in his free time. He is most interested in soccer and American football. This indicates that he enjoys watching and playing sports, but also places importance on world news. The common US Millennial males drink Sprite and Budweiser. 8.9% of this cohort prefers Eminem and 6.7% prefer Gucci Mane which expresses their preference for hip hop and trap music.

His favorite product and service brands include PlayStation, Xbox (console), GoPro, and Spotify. This indicates that he has a creative persona. He cares about the military and religion. He drives a Ford Mustang and shops at Nike Inc. and The Timberland Company. This signals that he prefers to shop trendy casual. He turns to travel brands such as TripAdvisor to read reviews and educate himself on low travel prices. His ideal travel destination is Mexico, which happens to be the same destination preferred by U.S. Millennial females.

Our report concluded that 4.6% of both male and female US Millennials reside in New York, New York. Los Angeles, California accounts for 2.8% and Houston, Texas accounts for 1.9% of the nation’s Millennial population. Marketers can use this information along with other insights gathered to make more informed business decisions. For more information, download our guide on North American Millennial Characteristics.

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