In recent years, video marketing has become a critical part of marketing strategy looking to capture the attention of an increasingly social-first and visually-responsive audience. Videos are proven to improve brand awareness, traffic to your website, sales, and conversions.

People regularly watch videos on their phones, computers, and tablets and share them with their family, friends, and colleagues. The types of those videos vary from funny memes and cute animals to tutorials and promotions. This ongoing surge allows you to start creating unique and informative videos to promote your business.

Some numbers to think about

According to Social Media Today:

  • Users watch 5 billion videos on YouTube daily
  • Individuals watch 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook
  • People watch 85% of Facebook videos without sound
  • 82% of users watch video content on Twitter
  • Marketers who use video receive 41% more web traffic from search than non-users
  • 90% of people agree that product videos are helpful in the decision process

Do you have more evidence that video marketing works?

According to research conducted by Wyzowl, video marketing is only getting more popular and effective. More savvy marketers add video marketing to their content calendar each year and find it to be increasingly important.


In 2020, 92% of marketers said that video is an integral part of their marketing strategy. This number has risen from 78% in 2015, showing that the importance of video is only growing.


Perhaps most interestingly, 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI — a 5% increase from last year’s figure. We can attribute this bump to a greater understanding of how to use video and track and quantify its impact. If we look at the number just five years ago, in 2015, we see that the figure has nearly tripled from 33%.

So what is it that makes video content so important? Most people spend hours glued to their devices, whether a smartphone or laptop. This behavior means that at any moment, potential customers can open up Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or another app and view a few quick videos while scrolling in their feed. Research confirms that fewer people feel inclined to read longer articles but prefer to watch a longer video. In short, people want you to tell them about why they should care about your brand.

Using social listening to secure video marketing ROI

Hopefully, given the data backed evidence above, you can already begin to see the benefits of incorporating video into your marketing strategy. However, how do you ensure success and know where your consumers are viewing content?

This is where social listening comes into play. With the number of relevant platforms seemingly growing every day, making sure you focus your efforts on the right one is critical. This is why some of the world’s biggest names in business trust Synthesio’s best-in-class social intelligence platform.


For example, adding a filter in the dashboard allows you to view only relevant video content pertaining to your brand. This allows for a simple way to track engagement around your owned content and stiffest competition. Our powerful tool collects every interaction and comment in one convenient place so you know what your fans are saying every time.

You need to move fast and be confident in where you are going. Our Social Listening dashboards help you achieve both by uniting the speed of social with the trust of market research methodologies. By determining where your customers tend to congregate online, you can inform decision making for planning content. Do most of your target demographic prefer Instagram or Facebook? Twitter or TikTok? Social intelligence can help you answer those questions.

For more information about how Synthesio works as part of Ipsos, the worlds leading market research firm, bringing together quality data and expertise, view our blog here.