Going Beyond Social Media Tools With Social Intelligence

Integrate Social Intelligence With Your Existing Social Media Tools

Synthesio is designed to process data quickly and efficiently, which makes it simple to integrate social data with an existing stack of social media tools. Our API lets you seamlessly connect social data to CRM, Social Publishing, Customer Care, Marketing and Business Intelligence software as part of a consistent user experience.

Social Media Tools Synthesio Beam

Share Social Insights with Synthesio Beam

Synthesio Beam visualizes social media data in real-time, providing a command center view of all of the social activity happening across a dataset. Striking graphics display top performing social media mentions and images as they happen. This real-time customer feedback empowers divisions across the organization with insights into the trends driving their business.

Social Media Tools Alerting

Instant Insights with Synthesio Alerts

Real-time event-based alerts are triggered when data thresholds surpass or drop below predetermined benchmarks signaling the onset of a crisis or opportunity. These social intelligence alerts can be distributed to the appropriate teams to drive immediate impact across the organization.

Our Integration Partners

Synthesio offers the most comprehensive out-of-the-box ecosystem of any vendor on the Social Intelligence market. We provide standard integrations with the industry-leading systems below, as well as custom integrations with any other platforms you may be using.