• Competitor Analysis

    Conduct real-time competitor analysis to identify opportunities for product innovation, boost customer satisfaction, and increase ROI.

    Actively track how audiences perceive your competitors.

    Know where your brand stands in relation to your competitors. Compeititor benchmarking equips you with:

    • Real-time consumer reactions, preferences, and feedback
    • Unique metrics for engagement, reach, sentiment, and awareness
    • The voice and messaging of your competitors

    Never miss an important product release or update.

    To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to position themselves as leaders. Use Synthesio’s suite to:

    • Track your competitors’ new releases and identify opportunities for product innovation
    • Monitor complaints around your competitors’ products
    • Make sure your products and services are staying ahead of industry standards

    Stay on top of negative press related to your competitors.

    Today, negative press can spread instantly. Use competitor analysis to your advantage by:

    • Monitoring bad press related to your competitors
    • Staying ahead of industry-wide negative sentiment through timely messaging
    • Identifying the language, topics, and visuals to avoid
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    See an example of real-life competitor analysis.

    Want to see a real-world example of how companies use competitor analysis? Download our use case story to learn about:

    • The rise of alcoholic seltzer and how the beer industry has responded
    • The social listening insights that our client used to improve its own product and strategy
    • The 4 steps for any industry to rise above growing competition
    Download Use Case Story
  • Campaign Analysis

    Use compelling campaign analysis to uncover where and how your consumers are speaking.

    Connect with your consumers, authentically

    Reach your audience with partnerships that work. Synthesio social media listening uses campaign analysis to help companies:

    • Identify relevant influencers and celebrities that audiences pay attention to
    • Focus campaign budget on the platforms that drive the greatest ROI
    • Launch carefully-crafted campaigns that account for timing, platform, and consumer interests

    Track campaign performance to quickly adjust strategy

    While campaigns are running, companies need to adapt their strategies in real-time.

    • Adjust your messaging and platform placement options to make the most effective decisions
    • Measure performance and track campaign contribution to your brand health
    • Monitor and mitigate social media crises by carefully campaign sentiment

    Understand your competitive position

    Measure your social media ROI easily with the power of data science made accessible by an intuitive interface.

    • Quantify the success of your campaigns versus competitors to see where you can get ahead
    • Surface the posts that generated the most engagement and awareness to optimize future content
    • Inform your future campaign strategy so that each one delivers the right customers, every time

    Leverage sophisticated marketing campaigns for your brand

    Download our Campaigns Use Case Story to uncover the next step for your brand:

    • Read how a global cosmetics brand was able to verify their marketing strategy using verified data
    • Untangle top competitor’s successes and failures to differentiate your brand offerings
    • Learn best practices to optimize your company’s ability to connect with potential consumers
    Download Use Case Story
  • Brand Intelligence

    Supercharge your brand intelligence by monitoring consumer opinions in real-time that foster better products, service, and customer relationships.

    Benchmark your brand‘s current strengths and weaknesses.

    Understand your brand’s overall performance by analyzing key metrics using advanced social listening software.

    • Evaluate the success of online messaging, branding, and design efforts
    • Detect the sentiment of consumer conversations related to your brand or industry
    • Uncover engagement, performance, and brand awareness KPI’s on social media profiles

    Identify the partnerships or trends that positively impact your brand.

    After learning the areas where you may be under-performing, optimize your brand intelligence by repositioning messaging and product updates.

    • Pinpoint the trends or influencers that your audience will trust
    • Discover the platforms and websites that you should focus your ad budget on
    • Time your campaign strategy for your unique audience when engagement is highest

    Evaluate your brand’s performance over time.

    Synthesio makes brand intelligence monitoring simple by:

    • Immediately alerting you of spikes in negative sentiment and potential crises
    • Surfacing the best performing campaigns and posts from competitors, providing a holistic view of the market landscape
    • Uncovering patterns, keywords, or trends that are positively associated with your brand

    See brand intelligence initiatives in action.

    Looking for more proof to take the next step in brand monitoring capabilities?

    • Download our use case story which tells the story of a high-profile banking client looking to understand their competitors and revamp their social media strategy
    • See the ROI that focusing on what your customers care about can have for your brand
    • Follow a brand’s journey to optimize content and products
    Download Use Case Story
  • Trend Analysis

    With Market Research inspired trend analysis, we reveal meaningful shifts in consumer thinking so you can craft innovative products and content that resonate deeply with your audiences.

    Use the latest trends to inform product development and design.

    Keep your finger on the pulse of consumer thinking and develop products that meet the needs of your target audience.

    • Stay ahead of the curve by anticipating trends before they go mainstream
    • Design products and services that catch your audience’s attention in a timely manner
    • Create compelling content that reflects the genuine voice of your customer and establish yourself as a leader

    Craft a narrative that stands apart from the competition.

    Identify how competitors are hopping on the bandwagon using trends and keywords that surface in online conversation.

    • Harness advanced trend analysis software to discover how your industry responds to new ideas
    • Differentiate your brand voice with content that reflects how your consumers learn and communicate
    • Position your brand uniquely by knowing the conversations drivers surrounding your products and your competition’s

    Monitor how consumer interest evolves over time.

    Trend analysis makes it easy to identify and follow shifts in online interest over time for your brand and your industry.

    • Stay aware of changes in the needs of your consumers to foster an adaptable brand identity
    • Understand how your customers use your brand to meet their needs
    • Track the success in real-time of your campaigns and new ventures

    Experience how a global brand put trend analysis into action.

    Download our Trend Detection Use Case Story to discover how a global meat processing company was able to adapt to the newest trends in plant-based meat alternatives thanks to advanced trend analysis software. The brand was able to:

    • Pivot their marketing strategy to cater to changing consumer interests
    • Begin developing a meat-free product of their own to compete in the market
    • Understand how their products were faring compared to competitors on the scene
    Download Use Case Story
  • Market Research

    Move from reactive to proactive market research by spotting emerging trends and consumer preference shifts. Leverage data to inform your brand’s unique strategy.

    Capitalize on new trends.

    Staying relevant and up-to-date is a challenge for many brands. Synthesio helps companies enact strategies to better position themselves to serve a constantly shifting customer base.

    • Analyze emerging trends and uncover what drivers are behind them and decide whether or not to act
    • Identify statistically relevant shifts in consumer conversations and track ongoing discussion
    • Understand the bigger picture and contextualize key business decisions within the scope of the competitive landscape

    Pinpoint the needs of your target audience.

    The interests of your audience are constantly shifting. Get data-verified intel about the effectiveness of your campaigns and know where to focus efforts next.

    • Uncover which aspects of your business that consumers care the most about
    • Craft impactful product messaging and product design tailored to individual voices that stand out in the conversation
    • Validate your product development and marketing strategies with measurable metrics and KPIs

    Identify what’s working for your competitors.

    Keeping tabs on industry competitors has never been simpler. Evaluate the strategies of your competitor by:

    • Monitoring competitor methods and evaluating effectiveness in real-time
    • Surfacing the top posts and platforms where your competitors may be outperforming your brand
    • Identifying impactful keywords and images by using AI-powered technology

    Reveal the power of an informed brand strategy.

    Looking for more proof that market research should be a part of your strategy?

    • Download our Market Research Use Case Story to follow the story of a global beverage brand who wanted to better cater to their customer’s preferences
    • Discover how the brand was able use new insights that surfaced from social listening dashboards to come up with an informed product development plan
    Download Use Case Story
  • Influencer Marketing

    Say goodbye to guesswork and uncover the power of influencer marketing campaigns that make waves for your brand.

    Know who controls the conversation.

    Identify the loudest voice in the online spaces you care about. Harness the power of Social Listening Dashboards and become the leader in your industry by:

    • Branching into new audiences through established fan bases
    • Incorporating effective influencer marketing campaigns and brand messaging into your strategy
    • Understanding a full profile of the people connecting with your brand

    Never miss opportunities to boost brand awareness.

    Know when the time is right to launch a new campaign with a familiar face. Get the most out of your influencer marketing efforts by:

    • Aligning your brand with an advocate who will boost brand awareness
    • Keeping track of campaigns and getting real metrics of proven results
    • Understanding your audience and adjusting strategies in messaging and platform placement in real-time

    Test and validate theories with data.

    Measure the success of social media posts in real-time. Eliminate guesswork in final results and metrics by:

    • Getting the data on hard-to-measure customer response and sentiment
    • Doing away with the usual ambiguity in influencer marketing reporting techniques
    • Quantifying the ROI of your brand’s messaging and positioning initiatives

    Gain confidence in your brand’s champions.

    Looking to measure the Social ROI of your brand influencer’s content?

    • Our Use Case Story follows the story of how the world’s most popular action camera company optimized their influencer marketing campaigns.
    • Discover how data transformed the company’s social strategy and helped them break into new markets.
    Download the Use Case Story
  • Audience Analysis

    Go from hunches and intuition to data-backed decisions you can trust.  Understand your target audience and create compelling campaigns by harnessing the power of social-based audience analysis.

    Know your audience.

    Identify the interests and behaviors of your target audience:

    • Personalize your content by surfacing your audience’s over-represented interests
    • Find white space opportunities by tapping into previously unknown or under-utilized topics and trends
    • Engage your most passionate consumers by identifying niche markets that your competitors are not targeting
    • Amplify your brand-voice by collaborating with key Influencers

    Craft the right message.

    Get a holistic view of consumers that matter to you by using Synthesio’s audience analysis solution, Profiler:

    • Personalize your content by surfacing your audience’s over-represented interests
    • Optimize your campaigns by finding and communicating across your consumers’ preferred channels
    • Harness the power of viral content by identifying emerging trends

    Analyze and act upon consumer behaviors.

    Synthesio makes it easy to evaluate audiences and their unique needs:

    • Understand the demographics of your target audience
    • Boost your visibility by understanding their social media behavior and favorite channels
    • Quantify the return on investment of new audience campaigns

    Join others who are harnessing social-based audience analysis.

    Need more proof that audience analysis makes a splash?

    • Download our Use Case Story following a global energy drink company’s  journey to understand their consumers
    • Uncover the power of knowing your audience’s unique interests
    Download Use Case Story
  • Customer Sentiment

    Get an unsolicited and real-time view of customer sentiment to help you power better products, strategies, campaigns, and consumer relationships.

    Know where your brand stands

    Understand your brand’s positioning by analyzing customer sentiment.

    • Compare how critical audiences feel about your top competitor’s brand initiatives
    • Know how your products, features, and customer service are received and reviewed
    • Uncover the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and brand messaging

    Never miss shifts in sentiment

    Surface targeted keywords in qualitative mentions to monitor situations in real-time. Using Synthesio’s command center, Beam, you can:

    • Track your brands standing across the world effortlessly
    • Visualize the progress of your crisis management campaign as it unfolds with your audience
    • Understand the development of sentiment around your crisis management plan and adjust strategies in messaging and platform placement

    Conduct post-crisis event analyses

    Get to the core of the information you need to know quickly with fewer clicks.

    • Evaluate the efficiency of your crisis management activities by measuring customer response and sentiment
    • Understand your brand health among any audience at any time using proprietary metrics such as the Social Reputation Score (SRS)
    • Surface the social platforms on which your crisis management activities generated the most engagement and awareness

    See sentiment analysis in action

    Looking for more information about how your brand can leverage powerful sentiment analysis?

    • Download our Consumer Sentiment Use Case Story to follow a global CPG brand’s journey to create a more sustainable product
    • Understand how truly listening to your customers makes a difference in brand reputation
    • Discover how moving toward eco-friendly packaging and supporting environmental rehabilitation efforts boosted positive sentiment
    Download Use Case Story
  • Crisis Management

    Brands need to have the tools in place to respond promptly, accurately, and confidently during an online emergency. Make sure you are ready for crisis management with Synthesio’s Social Listening Platform. 

    Track changing sentiment.

    Identify potential crises before they escalate by tracking fluctuations in sentiment and conversation volumes. 

    • Practice early prevention via real-time alerts that notify of significant shifts in sentiment or conversation volume
    • Pinpoint where concerns are originating using geographic data
    • Get a clearer understanding of your consumers to craft the right messaging the first time

    Surface targeted keywords.

    Surface targeted keywords in qualitative mentions and monitor situations as they develop. Using Synthesio’s command center, Beam, you can:

    • Effortlessly track your brand’s standing across the world
    • Observe how your audience is responding to your crisis mitigation efforts
    • Understand the performance of your crisis management plan in real-time and adjust strategies accordingly

    Conduct detailed post-event analyses.

    Conduct post-event analyses quickly and easily. Synthesio makes it easy to evaluate the efficiency of your crisis management activities by:

    • Measuring customer response and sentiment and quantifying the financial impact of your efforts
    • Tracking your brand health using proprietary metrics such as the Social Reputation Score (SRS)
    • Surfacing the social platforms on which your crisis management activities generated the most engagement and awareness

    Observe crisis management in action.

    Download our Crisis Management Use Case Story to discover how a global hospitality corporation was able to mitigate a PR crisis by initiating brand health measures.

    • After receiving real-time alerts, the corporation uncovered an emerging crisis related to a recent data breach
    • The company wanted to understand and address the public’s concerns effectively using agile social listening software
    • Learn how the corporation took proactive and transparent measures to improve brand perception
    Download Use Case Story