So, your agency is providing brands with a strong social presence. You have achieved a sufficient amount of followers for your clients. Your client’s social channels are properly branded and all your content is inline with your client’s brand messaging. It looks like it’s working, right? How do you know for sure?

Here are the top ways you can take advantage of the tremendous benefits of social media listening for your clients and your agency, and connect social to business impact.

Crisis Management
If an online crisis erupts for one of your clients, you need to be the first to know. An unusual amount of information on one topic is one possible tip-off to a coming crisis. This is why implementing a Social Listening tool to organize data and send real-time alerts is so important. If comments coming in are grouped into topics, you can quickly and easily see that one topic (such as price, environmental impact, product name, etc.) is receiving far more comments than usual. With any brand crisis, it is crucial for their agency to be following and alerted with any negative peaks in data.

Market Research
With the help of a social listening tool, you can easily find out exactly who is talking about your clients. Uncover audience demographics like age, gender, and geographic location. Expensive market research programs are no longer the be-all end-all for agencies in search of customer intelligence. Social listening now enables agencies to tap into customer insights on the social web that will arm them with the tools to create better client campaigns, more effective content marketing, and glean feedback for improving product and service development.
Monitor product keywords to find out find out what customers are saying about new products, and you can even take it a step further and analyze and measure the sentiment around client’s products keywords and even images.

Measure Brand Ranking
Your brand’s c-level executives want to know how they stack up against their direct competitors. With Social Listening tools you can monitor your client`s competitors to understand how your clients can gain a competitive edge. Compare your client’s share of voice on social media with their competitors to help you understand and improve your client’s position in the market.

Show ROI
Track and measure the buzz generated by your client’s campaigns and content marketing efforts and provide social media reporting customized to your client’s unique needs and business objectives. With ROI metrics like Synthesio’s IMPACT, you can yield key insights into your brand’s reputation on social media, understanding where your social investments are producing business results, track user conversion into advocates and provide all the information you need to tie your social media work back to business impact.

We’re interested in learning more about how agencies make the best use of their social listening platform(s). Have a strategy worth sharing? Let us know in the comments below!