Last Sunday, Tiger Woods achieved his 15th major win, and won his fifth Masters, at the 2019 Masters. This also meant a massive win for the Tiger Woods Golf collection by Nike. According to Apex Marketing, the value of Tiger Woods’ Sunday victory at the 2019 Masters for Nike is roughly estimated at $22,540,000. This number represents the brand value that Nike received from Woods’ on-camera exposure during the Final Round of the Masters broadcast on CBS. Social media ROI of his Nike Sports Sponsorship generated even greater brand awareness and proved the success of the sponsorship.

Media Value

Media value measures the weighted impact of interactions such as likes, retweets, shares, etc. It looks into various topics and helps to predict the social media ROI of sponsorships or campaigns for those topics. You can also determine the impact of organic and paid ads using media value. Brands are usually willing to pay for promoted social performance (e.g., valuing a YouTube view at $0.03). Therefore, it’s possible to measure the value of organic social content. For example, if a given video generates 100,000 views at $0.03/view, it generates $3,000.00 of media value.

Measuring Social Media ROI

Social media ROI is measured by defining your social media goals. Once you have clear goals, an idea of your budget, and your proposed social media plan, you can achieve the best ROI. Media value is another way to assess the success of your social media strategy. We assigned custom media values to each interaction across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Looking into these media values for the Tiger Woods Nike golf apparel sponsorship, we predicted the social media ROI.

Various articles of clothing from the line such as hats, pants, shoes, and shirts all have differing media values associated. The media value is based on the number of posts for each topic. Using these media values, we can predict which items generated the most social media ROI from the Tiger Woods Nike sponsorship. By looking into the media value of the sponsorship in general, we got a better understanding of the impact of the sponsorship across social media. Next, we looked into the media value of the Nike golf apparel line. Tops and shoes from the Woods golf line gained the most social media ROI, whereas golf hats and pants resulted in the least.

social media roi media value

Why Is Social Media ROI Significant?

Tiger Woods has had an enormous influence on the Nike golf brand and continues to boost sales for them. Nike’s social media ROI skyrocketed when Woods was seen wearing Nike golf apparel during the 2019 Masters. The overall ROI driven by the Tiger Woods Nike golf sponsorship across social media is a prime example of an effective ad campaign. Using media value to assess the various types of Nike golf apparel that are generating the most ROI gives the brand a good idea of where they should be investing more. It also gives them a sense of what is working and what isn’t working for their social media strategy. By assessing media value, brands can readjust marketing goals to achieve the most social media ROI. Ultimately, remaining aware of your social media goals and conducting social listening will result in the best social media ROI for your brand. Are you ready to create tangible business results for your brand with social media intelligence? Request a demo today.

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