Who doesn’t like chocolate? With Easter this weekend you’re probably seeing chocolate adverts everywhere. Brands are going full force with their ads, exploring different levels of creativity to stand out and reach more consumers. In the UK, Cadbury’s is famous for its memorable adverts. This year they’ve relaunched their egg hunt campaign. The brand had hid white Creme Eggs in all leading supermarkets and in online adverts. To win a prize, people have to upload pictures of the white egg. The awards range from £50 to £10,000. The egg hunt campaign has caused a lot of excitement and generated buzz for Cadbury’s on social media. Mars has also raised attention. Indeed, they released a special Bounty egg filled with pieces of coconut. This launch sparked a big debate on Twitter and Instagram between those who love the idea and those who hate it. With this launch, Mars is dividing opinion, and by doing so, getting a lot of attention.

Chocolate brands are continuously being inventive to attract customers. However, brands like Cadbury’s and Mars could see their campaigns work even more effectively with audience insights. An audience analysis tool can tell you more about your customers’ interests and the best places to reach them. Here’s what we found out about chocolate eaters…

Audience Analysis: Who are the biggest chocolate lovers?

According to our audience insights tool Profiler, women are the biggest chocolate eaters. They represent 72% of the target audience. When it comes to age, chocolate is popular among everyone. However, the biggest consumers are aged between 18-35 years old.

Where do they shop?

By collaborating with the right supermarket, chocolate brands are more likely to reach their target audience. They can adapt their merchandising strategy depending on which store is most popular with their audience. Our audience analysis tool found that Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and Tesco are the most popular amongst chocolate eaters. Therefore if you’re a chocolate brand, you should make sure your products are showcased in the right places in these stores.

Our audience analysis tool also shows that chocolate eaters have a high interest in online shopping. Chocolate brands can leverage this to advertise their products online.

audience analysis supermarket

Thanks to Profiler we were able to see that Cadbury’s, Lindt, and Mars were the most popular chocolate brands. This shows that the marketing stunts pulled by these brands are efficient.  

audience analysis graph

Best media mix for chocolate brands

Chocolate eaters seem to be very active on social media. Facebook and Instagram rank as some of their most-used media. Switching attention to the wider internet, chocolate fans show an interest in sites like Buzzfeed and Tasty – a food network. These new types of media are increasingly popular amongst 18 to 25-year-olds and are another channel for brands to target this lucrative age category. For example, Tasty could be particularly useful for chocolate brands since they could advertise their products across the network’s ‘foodie’ website and videos.

audience analysis social


When it comes to TV, chocolate fans in the UK mostly watch Channel 4 and ITV. Profiler has also allowed us to dig deeper and find chocolate eaters’ favorite TV shows. Game of Thrones is amongst the top. This insight is useful because recently, social media has been buzzing around GoT Easter eggs. Both Morrisons and Deliveroo have launched GoT-themed easter eggs, and people are beyond excited about them.


In a nutshell, if you’re a 25-year-old female who shops at Sainsbury’s, watches Tasty videos hoping you’ll be able to copy the recipe without failing and enjoy relaxing in front of the last season of Game of Thrones, then you’re the perfect target for chocolate brands.

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