Synthesio’s Automated Insights Series: Part 6 (See Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.)

As a marketer, you spend a lot of time on your content strategy. Coming up with creative and engaging material is crucial to your brand’s marketing efforts, but it’s also hard. After having spent all the resources brainstorming and creating meaningful content that will speak to your audience, how do you make sure your target audience gets to see it? What’s your content strategy?

Planning a content calendar does not have to be a guessing game.

Advances in data science allow for state-of-the-art social media intelligence platforms to analyze your audience’s online behavior by topic, while identifying social media trends that can help you plan a content calendar that is sure to drive engagement.

One type of these social media trends are daily patterns.

What is a daily pattern?

A daily pattern is a type of social media trend that can give you insight into which days a particular topic is most often mentioned on.

In the example below, London Fashion Week is most frequently mentioned on Mondays.


If your brand wanted to make a post related to London Fashion Week, Sunday may be a good time to schedule it.

Detecting daily patterns across thousands of data points used to be challenging, if not impossible. Today, effective social media intelligence platforms should be able to detect these patterns automatically across all of your data, in real-time.


On top of that, modern social media intelligence platforms should generate in-depth contextual reports for each daily pattern identified, helping you to dive deeper into why, where, and how those patterns are occurring.


Why being aware of Daily Patterns is important for your content strategy

As every marketer knows, any marketing activities, including campaigns, periodic posts, adword plans, and more, require meticulous planning. AI-powered social media trend detection makes that planning easy, removing the guesswork.

Understanding the daily patterns for topics relevant to your brand can help you:

Schedule Effective Campaigns

You’ve created amazing content for your next campaign. Whether it be articles, videos, or an influencer campaign, you want to make sure you’re publishing your material on days it will get noticed. With the right social media intelligence platform – one that’s capable of detecting social media trends such as daily patterns – you can get it right, every time.

Mitigate Crises Efficiently

Imagine that after logging into your social media intelligence platform one day, you’re alerted of a significant peak of mentions surrounding a product your brand just launched. Digging into the report your platform generated about the peak reveals that most of the conversations are negative in sentiment, and many of them mention a defect in the product.

Although this is not a situation any brand wants to find itself in, it happens.

With a social media intelligence platform capable of detecting social media trends like daily patterns, you can start crisis mitigation activities on the days they’re sure to get noticed.

Predict and disrupt competitor strategies

Understanding your competitor’s publishing schedules and strategies can help your brand stay competitive. Whether that means beating a competitor to the punch with an announcement, campaign, or product launch or simply gathering some competitive intelligence, staying on top of your competitor’s content calendars has never been easier.

Are you ready to take your brand’s social media intelligence to the next level with state of the art Daily Pattern detection? Schedule a demo today to see these capabilities in action!