Conducting a thorough demographic audience analysis should be the number one starting point in any brand’s marketing strategy. Whether you work in marketing or not, it’s easy to assume which audience to address for a particular product or service, sometimes resulting in an incomplete demographic audience analysis.

Let’s be honest, many of us would likely assume that the target audience for a jewelry brand is mostly composed of wealthy women, so why bother digging deeper? Applying the same logic (or generalizations) we could also presume that a barbecue brand’s audience is mainly composed of married men who are 30 years old or older.

However, regardless of the product you want to promote, it is possible (and should be absolutely necessary) to use a demographic audience analysis solution in order to confirm, but most importantly refine and sometimes disconfirm some aspects of the assumed primary target audience.

To illustrate our point, we selected two brands from the same industry and selling the same kind of product: audio headsets. You are probably familiar with the brand Beats and its famous headsets, created and promoted by the American rapper Dr. Dre. We selected this brand to compare it to another leading headphones brand, Bose.

Our goal was to discover similarities and differences between the UK audience profiles of the two brands. Here are the results of our study powered by Profiler, Synthesio’s demographic audience analysis solution.

Demographic Audience Analysis

Bose fans are older than Beats fans.

Women like Beats more than Men (30% vs 22% for Bose).
People like Beats more in London, Manchester, and Birmingham.
People like Bose more in Glasgow, Leeds et Newcastle (North).

Most liked Social Media:
Beats Fans:  Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
Bose Fans: Facebook / Instagram / Linkedin

Most read magazines:
Beats Fans: PC Mag, GQ, Boxing News
Bose Fans: Financial Times, GQ, Boxing News

Most watched TV channels:
Beats Fans: Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC Sport, BBC Three
Bose Fans: Sky Sports F1, Sky Atlantic, BT Sport, BBC Sport

Most loved brands:
Beats Fans: Adidas, Nike, Foot Locker
Bose Fans: Mercedes, Audi, BMW

Most used Telco services:
Beats Fans: Virgin / BT / EE
Bose Fans: BT / EE / O2

Type of music they listen to:

demographic audience analysis bose vs beats music genres

Both Beats and Bose fans like concerts, nightclubs, and music festivals.
Beats fans like dance halls too while Bose fans do not. They prefer going to bars.demographic audience analysis bose vs beats event genres

It could be easy to think that Beats and Bose audiences are likely the same, but when we use the power of Profiler’s demographic audience analysis, we realize that there are meaningful differences between the two.

Thanks to Profiler, any brand can leverage audience insights to optimize their marketing strategy, content creation and media plan.

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