The social web has opened up new channels for customers to voice opinions about products and brands. Social networks, blogs, forums and news sites across the web, have become outlets for consumers to have brand and product-related conversations. While it may be difficult for brands to control every conversation across such sprawling terrain, with the right Social Intelligence tools and a Social Command Center, they can strategically interact with consumers and achieve business results.

A Social Command Center is a dedicated feature or mode within your Social Listening tool that lets you monitor real-time social data around your brand. Synthesio Beam allows for real-time monitoring of social media insights that can inform business decisions and enhance the social health of your brand.

A Social Command Center helps track KPIs and connect social to business impact:

1. Brand Intelligence Monitoring

Your Social Command Center will provide you with the social data that will help you measure success. You can monitor how well your campaigns are doing and your share of voice within your field. With a KPI driven social media command center, you and your social team will always have the ability to see in real-time how your brand’s perception compares to your competition. You will also be armed with real-time social data around spikes in negative sentiment around your brand, so you can get ahead of any crises before it escalates. Check out our blog post Simply Your Social Media Crisis Management, for more info on using Social Intelligence for Crisis Management.

2. Enterprise-Wide Data

A Social Command Center is not only useful for your social team to measure success, but it can also play a huge role in providing social data across the enterprise. For example, A business can have an enterprise-wide command center screen for non-social teams to use, so that they can get a sense of what’s being said about the organization that day on social.

3. Track & Optimize Event Sponsorship

When brands sponsor events, how do they know if they’re getting the most out of their involvement? A Social Command Center helps sponsors easily identify and tune in to all the data around a specific event in a way that can connect back to your meaningful business metrics and KPIs.

Check out our video below to see how our Social Media Command Center, Beam, can help your business connect social to business impact.