As a marketer, you know the importance of Social Intelligence, but how successful are you when it comes to getting Social Intelligence buy-in from upper management? We’ve prepared you with five strong use cases to help educate your team so that they fully understand how Social Intelligence programs can empower business decisions, increase revenue, and measure ROI to get them on board.

Market Research

Forget about conducting focus groups and surveys! In 2017, market research is done by using Social Intelligence, helping brands understand how to produce and deliver compelling content to their targeted audience segments.

Many marketers miss opportunities due to lack of analyzing the endless amount of data found on social media. Social Intelligence programs bridge this gap by giving companies a strategic advantage and the ability to hyper-target. It also allows them to build audience profiles and determine what drives consumers to purchase.

For more information about how marketers can perform market research with Social Intelligence, check out our eBook, Social Listening for Market Research.

Audience Segmentation

Social Intelligence can be used to segment audiences based on their voluntarily disclosed information which includes demographic, psychographic as well as geographic data. This provides companies with sharpened insights on industries, marketing personas, and potential influencers.

Marketers can also leverage Social Intelligence to see what percentage of their audience is talking about them versus their competitors. This information allows them to monitor their overall online reputation. In addition, they can discover new target audiences and recognize the main communities discussing their brand.

To learn more about audience insights, see how our audience insights platform, Profiler, helps clients make difficult marketing decisions and find new audience insights about their brands.

Product & Campaign Launch

Social Intelligence programs make it easier for marketers to track what consumers are saying about their company and their competition. It makes way for a successful product and campaign launches because it assists with the planning, execution, and measurement analysis. This allows marketers to monitor conversation volumes and the Share of Voice around each product or campaign, which will provide opportunities to tailor products to their specific audience segments.

Marketers can also see how consumers react to new offerings by tracking the distribution of conversation across numerous sites, and measuring the ROI of campaigns. Social Intelligence further benefits companies by allowing them to filter metrics according to a time period, segment audience reaction to their campaigns, and identify brand interaction moments with image recognition.

For more information about how our Social Intelligence platform is able to properly listen to sources across the web, click here.

Brand Reputation

Maintaining a positive brand reputation can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Social Intelligence can capture consumer opinions about leading industry topics and competitor mentions on social sites, forums, blogs, and more.

Social data can determine how your company’s positioning of products and sub-brands compare to your competition. Social Intelligence also measures your brand’s social reputation and satisfaction, which can help drive business decisions and empower you with the tools and insight to avoid potential problems that could negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

If you want to learn more about successfully measure brand reputation, download our guide, How to Build a KPI Framework for Brand Intelligence.

Crisis Management

All companies fear crises. With Social Intelligence, teams can monitor social channels to take control of or prevent such predicaments. Companies can track negative mentions and formulate plans in advance to fix potential problems.

Social Intelligence can also manage an ongoing crisis. This is extremely important because companies are now able to see what the public is saying and adapt their crisis plan to target concerns and address the issue in the best possible way.

Download our guide, Plan For Your Next Crisis With Social Intelligence, to be prepared for your next social media crisis.

Social Intelligence programs have countless tools to give your brand or agency a competitive edge. To find out more about the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite, request a demo.