Publishing companies have turned to Social Intelligence to track the success of their product launches, including new books, articles, poems and more. Publishing brands are increasingly getting smarter and more creative in their social efforts, and they are turning to Social Intelligence to track and measure their business impact to understand ROI and optimize their efforts.

In the past couple of years, the publishing industry has changed as a whole. The industry has experienced major technological advancements, as well as shifts in consumer interests. Many consumers have moved from purchasing new paperback books at their local bookstore to clicking a button on their tablet and swiping to Page 1.

According to a recent Book Business survey that asked about trends and technologies that publishers believe will have an impact on the publishing industry, “What marketing platforms do you see the most opportunity for in the future?” The top answer was social media, which received 68% of the responses.

Social Intelligence Publishing Social Media

This proves that social media is the future marketing platform for books. Publishing brand marketers are turning to social media in order to promote their books and find ROI.

In a tweet by Hachette Book Group, they shared the opportunity for their followers to enter to win a book contest. They are now able to go back and measure the success of this content. They can see who shared or talked about it. Then, they can dive into the metrics and learn interesting facts about their audience – like where people are talking about their brand or who is doing the talking (brand influencers), based on demographics.

Social Intelligence Publishing Hachette Book Group

Another example of great brand engagement is from Penguin Random House. In their tweet below, they promote poetry knowledge, while engaging followers by putting their knowledge to the test.

Social Intelligence Publishing Penguin Random House

As you can see, it is important for marketers in the publishing industry to track social campaign success, as well as engagement around their brand and products to further optimize their future campaigns. For example, if a publishing brand is launching a new book, they can look into the historical social data around previous launches, to see which time of the year is best for achieving optimal engagement and shares from their online community. Social Media Intelligence helps marketers find insights on consumer purchasing trends and behaviors, by analyzing valuable psychographic Social Intelligence data.

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