A social media insights report can help you dive deeper into the broader business questions raised throughout your company. The result is the discovery of unknown, yet highly relevant insights, about your market, brand, trends and customer experience. These reports provide in-depth answers to the tricky, brand-specific questions that businesses struggle to answer, and uncover critical insights to drive more informed, strategic decisions.

What is a social media insights report?

A social media insights report ensures that you’re getting the most out of your Social Media Intelligence program. How? By combining a highly effective blend of Artificial Intelligence, along with proven methodologies, and human intelligence, to meet unaddressed business needs.

Insight reports are prepared by experienced market researchers and statisticians who use advanced analytical techniques on the data collected and surfaced through your Social Media Intelligence program. The reports can also layer in other valuable data sources, including search trends, open-ended survey questions, CRM data, call center logs and more.

If you have a question, a social media insights report can answer it …

A social media insights report answers business questions that become the building blocks for a comprehensive vision and strategy for your brand. They are highly-customized and entirely driven by your business needs, ensuring that the insights, recommendations, and conclusions drawn are 100% relevant.

A social media insights report can answer the overarching questions about your brand equity, comparing your strengths and weaknesses against competitors. They can help you boost your engagement strategy by uncovering consumer motivations, unmet needs, and opportunities for product growth. When it comes to trends, insight reports ensure that you stay one step ahead, highlighting behavioral changes and predicting future trends in your market. Looking at customer experience, a social media insights report can measure consumer satisfaction over time and help you boost retention.

These are just some examples of the value that insight reports can bring to your business. Have a business question that you haven’t been able to answer? See the many ways a social media insights report can help your brand.