“Consumers have so many options when it comes to putting their opinion online, yet many brands are only scratching the surface of all the things that we can utilize from the conversations and data that’s out there. The evolution of social listening to social intelligence – and the need to break down the walls of siloed social media insights – is here!”


Synthesio Director of Analytics, Margie Strickland opened London’s inaugural Social Intelligence World, a one-day conference dedicated to everything social data and social media insights.

Watch Margie’s keynote session discussing…

Social media insights: How social has become a real crux in the customer journey and earned its right to be used in conjunction with traditional data gathering methods.

Social tech evolution: How the need for social intelligence is becoming greater as the demands of the market mature, and departments at large organisations consolidate.

2019 & beyond: How brands can adapt quickly to the ever-changing platform landscape.


Learn how to surface actionable social media insights with Synthesio social media intelligence.