Singles’ Day started as a tongue-in-cheek celebration for singletons in China. Celebrated on the 11th of November — 11/11, the digits look like “bare branches,” a Chinese expression for being single. It was an anti-Valentine’s Day tradition, marked by the unattached treating themselves to a gift. Seeing the commercial opportunity, retailer Alibaba latched onto the day in 2009, and has since turned it into the China’s version of Black Friday.

Singles’ Day is now the world’s biggest one-day shopping event. It often beats Black Friday in sales, but which one won this year’s social media battle? Using a Synthesio Social Media Intelligence report, we dived deeper to find out which of the shopping extravaganzas dominated conversations online in the APAC region.

Share of Voice

While Alibaba marked the tradition’s 10th year with record Singles’ Day sales of $31 billion this year, it was Black Friday that dominated online conversations.

Mentions were significantly outweighed by Black Friday vs Singles Day. Our social intelligence software showed that the term “Black Friday” gathered 71% of the overall share of voice. Singles’ Day accounted for just under 30% of the total mentions.



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So when were people talking about Singles Day vs Black Friday? Over the past 30 days, mentions of Singles’ Day and Black Friday gained momentum in the the days leading up to both occasions, and unsurprisingly, as we can see in the chart below, it was on the days themselves that we saw the highest spikes in online chatter.


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Media Type

Looking at the share of conversation split by media type, Twitter emerged as the top platform for mentions for Singles’ Day and Black Friday, contributing to just over half of conversations. Twitter is often the preferred choice for consumers to contact brands directly and for sharing news — in this case, many shared the breaking news of Alibaba’s record 2018 sales — which could explain why it was the most popular outlet during these huge shopping events.


Forums closely followed Twitter with just under a 19% share, which suggests that consumers were using these outlets to share tips and seek advice on deals and products during the sales.

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