During the holiday season, people are on the lookout for luxurious gift ideas. Many people are considering a luxury fashion brand gift this holiday season, keeping in mind that great presents do not run cheap. The most crucial element for luxury brands on social media during the holiday season seems to be their storytelling abilities when it comes to their products and brand heritage. Through successful storytelling and use of social media intelligence tools for their holiday gift ideas across social media, brands encourage their audience to attain a physical manifestation of luxury.

Social Media Intelligence Tools Analyze Luxury Fashion Holiday Campaigns

With Synthesio’s Social Media Intelligence tools, brands can understand how their performance compares to key industry rivals and benchmark their social media performance using a variety of metrics. The most crucial step when it comes to luxury marketing is understanding who your audience is and how to target your holiday campaign. Using a list of the top 10 luxury fashion brands according to Essential Home, we used social media intelligence tools to discover their holiday campaign strategies and the conversations occurring across social media for each brand.

1) Louis Vuitton

According to Forbes 2018 list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands, Louis Vuitton ranks as #15. Accumulating a brand value of $33.6B, Louis Vuitton comes in the first place as the world’s most valuable luxury brand. Louis Vuitton takes the opportunity to introduce its wide range of this year’s holiday products to its fans and followers across social media. Using the vibrant red to display their holiday theme this year, LV attracts customers who are looking for holiday gift ideas. Louis Vuitton has employed their own Holiday Gifts campaign as a part of their sales and marketing strategy. The holiday campaign displays its entire 2018 gift collection and even includes a gift inspirations section.

According to our social media intelligence tools, we found that LV has generated about 38% of the total luxury fashion brand mentions across social media. This data shows that LV has produced the most discussion around their holiday collection compared to the nine other top luxury fashion brands. LV has taken an active social media approach for their holiday campaign this year which is evident through the analysis of our social media intelligence tools. In other words, there is a lot of excitement for giving or receiving LV products as a holiday gift this season.

2) Hermes

Hermes has taken the ultimate storytelling approach for its holiday campaign. The French brand displayed their holiday products artistically and used them to tell a story which they labeled as “Hermès’ little theater of gifts.”

Social media intelligence tools reveal that Hermes is not discussed as much as the other top luxury fashion brands. The luxury fashion brand has accumulated less than 1% of the total mentions. Through the lack of conversation occurring about the brand, it is evident that Hermes has not leveraged their holiday campaign across social media.

3) Gucci

For their 2018 holiday gifts campaign, Gucci has unveiled a new marketing strategy this holiday season. They are using their app to promote their holiday products by revealing exclusive interactive content to engage customers and encourage the spirit of gifting. Along with the exclusive content on the Gucci app, an interactive holiday catalog is available online, allowing customers to buy holiday gifts directly. The list is categorized by gifts for men, women, and children, enabling users to quickly find Gucci products that would make great holiday gifts for their loved ones this year.

Through competitive analysis of Gucci’s marketing strategy, the Italian luxury fashion brand is successfully creating a buzz in the market, producing high visibility, and keeping up their luxury reputation across social media. Implementing a strong marketing strategy during the holidays builds a distinctive image in the mind of the consumers who will then want to choose luxury gifts from Gucci as opposed to the other top luxury fashion brands. By remaining in the minds of their customers, Gucci is competitively ahead for the upcoming holiday season.

4) Prada

Unlike the other top luxury fashion brands, Prada has not announced its holiday campaign for 2018 yet. Thus, resulting in a significant decrease in total topic mentions across social media. We can see how the social conversations around this luxury fashion brand are minimal. To get the excitement going for their brand and drive more traffic to them, Prada should implement a holiday campaign early so that customers can start coming up with gift ideas in time for the holidays.

5) Rolex

Rolex has arranged a beautiful display of holiday-themed watches across their website, just in time for the gift-giving season. These watches are labeled as the “Festive Selection,” and through elaborate visuals, they strongly emit just how luxurious the brand truly is.

The conversations occurring across social media about Rolex are narrow but mostly entail positive sentiment and excitement. Understanding the sentiment using social media intelligence tools regarding a specific campaign can help highlight the public’s feelings about it and where to go from there.

6) Chanel

Chanel has a direct approach to their holiday gifts campaign this year. They have a straightforward guide set up on their website which shows certain holiday products that would appeal to certain types of people. This approach is highly beneficial to those customers who are unsure of what the giftee would like and are looking for some direction.


Digging into Chanel’s topic mentions using social media intelligence tools, we can see that there is a positive sentiment around their holiday collection. Analyzing this feedback, Chanel can conduct actionable consumer insights. For instance, they can do this by creating more relevant and attractive content for their target personas based on their lifestyle and behavior. Finding the intersection between content that works for their brand and what their target audience is already talking about, Chanel can focus on delivering better-performing campaigns. Thanks to the help of social media intelligence tools, Chanel can take the lead in the total luxury fashion brands mentions across social media.        social-media-intelligence-tools-chanel

7) Cartier

Cartier’s holiday campaign displays their collection elegantly across their page and consists of luxe accessories, jewelry, and watches. This luxury fashion brand has decided to take a direct approach to displaying their holiday gift ideas instead of conquering a storytelling approach.


Much of the discussion across social media is around Cartier’s holiday decorations. By requiring customers to visit the store to view the display, Cartier’s audience actively engages with the brand. Leveraging social media intelligence tools, Cartier can implement a stronger marketing strategy. Above all, this strategy will have the ability to conduct actionable insights on how to turn these browsers into customers.


8) Burberry

Burberry’s holiday campaign this year has turned towards influencers to engage their customers. In a newly released holiday video campaign, Kristin Scott Thomas, M.I.A. and Matt Smith, as well as Naomi Campbell and her mother Valerie Morris-Campbell are featured wearing the luxury fashion brand. The short clip explores a series of Christmas traditions and rituals done in the brand’s iconic check pattern.


Many people are sharing Burberry’s holiday ad campaign across Twitter, increasing the social buzz around the collection. Burberry has used celebrity influencer marketing this season to promote its holiday campaign. From launching an all celebrities short film to inspiring customers to share the holiday joy, Burberry finds a balance between exclusivity and inclusiveness on social media.

9) Fendi

Italian luxury fashion brand, Fendi, has taken the storytelling route for their holiday campaign and added a twist by creating a fun, interactive experience for customers. They call it the “Fendi Gift Wheel” and have turned this into a hashtag shared across their social channels.


Although Fendi has a great holiday campaign set up this year, it has not generated much buzz across social media. From the top 10 luxury fashion brand mentions, we can see that Fendi has accumulated less than 1% of total mentions. The hashtag “#FendiGiftWheel” entails tweets published only from the brand itself.

Even if your brand has the perfect holiday campaign set up, the brand will not grow if a strong marketing strategy is not implemented. Instead of repeatedly sharing their holiday campaign hashtag across Twitter, Fendi should reach out to their audience in an attempt to get people to create buzz around the brand and attract new customers. It is more valuable to have your customers actively using the hashtag you have created. This enables new customers to redirect to the brand. In sum, the primary aim of your holiday campaign should be to get your audience to talk back and engage.


10) Coach

The most followed person on Instagram, Selena Gomez, is the face of Coach’s 2018 holiday collection. Additionally, she is featured in the holiday campaign video and the holiday print campaign as well.


Through influencer marketing, Coach has set up greater excitement for their holiday collection and increased the buzz around their brand for the holidays. By adding influencer content into the mix, Coach can grab consumers’ attention. This is done at a time when many of them are being bombarded with product promotions and seasonal ads. Selena Gomez fans will come across Coach’s holiday campaign and would want to purchase items that their favorite celebrity is the face of. In sum, with Selena Gomez as the face of Coach’s holiday campaign, Coach can increase traffic and noise around their brand.

What does this all mean for luxury fashion brands?

What all of this proves is that consumers are being influenced by what luxury fashion brands are posting on social media. In conclusion, brands should be using social media intelligence tools to conduct actionable insights. Traffic increases toward brands that implement active holiday campaigns because a social media presence influences consumers to engage with brands. Holiday campaigns excite and prepare customers for holiday shopping by engaging with their customers. Above all, luxury fashion brands inspire holiday gift ideas by implementing a strong luxury marketing strategy for the holidays. Employing targeted, precise marketing strategies with definite goals in mind during the holiday season allow for luxury fashion brands to stand out on social media.

How strong is your luxury marketing strategy? Download this guide on luxury marketing strategies in the social media age to find out.