This year’s Paris Fashion Week was very special and different from previous years. A few days before the start of the event, Chanel’s iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away. Many celebrities and fashion icons paid tribute to him on social media and everyone was waiting to see Lagerfeld’s last collection. This year fashion week started on February 25th and ended on March 5th, with Chanel’s show in the morning and Louis Vuitton in the evening. Let’s find out what the biggest moments were from this year’s Paris Fashion Week thanks to our social media monitoring software…

Twitter: most used social media

Our social media monitoring software uncovered that most content about Paris Fashion Week was written by females (69%) and Twitter was the preferred social media by far. 

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K-Pop takeover

Surprisingly, our social media monitoring software reveals that people were more excited about K-Pop singers attending fashion week than the actual shows themselves. The top shared content all related to “Sandara Park”, “Jennie Kim”, “Chanyeol” and “Irene”. They are all K-Pop singers who attended Paris Fashion Week. Moreover, the vocabulary used in the top mentions is more related to K-Pop than to fashion. Indeed, most of the words which come up are names of K-Pop singers and hashtags related to these singers.

Social media monitoring software shows Chloe was the most talked about designer

Surprisingly, the most talked about designer was Chloe. But again, it wasn’t the clothes that got people talking. The biggest driver of conversation was the presence of K-pop singer Sandara Park who attended the Chloe show.

Alongside Sandara Park, two other K-pop singers generated big reactions on social media: Jennie Kim and Chanyeol. They attended the Chanel and Tommy Hilfiger fashion shows. Our social media monitoring software uncovered over 20,000 mentions about these singers. 

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However, K-Pop singers were not the only center of attention, since Chanel was the second most talked about topic.

Last tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

The Chanel show was the one everyone was waiting for. People were excited and nostalgic to see Lagerfeld’s last collection. The show took place in Le Grand Palais with a phenomenal setting. The venue was designed as a snow-filled village with a Swiss chalet from which models started their walk. Cara Delevingne, Lagerfeld’s muse opened the show with a checked jumpsuit, one of Chanel’s signature patterns. This opening generated many reactions on social media with people expressing their excitement for both the outfit and the presence of Cara Delevingne.
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The show ended with a standing ovation from all of the guests while models walked down the runway. Many of them were very emotional as this marked the end of 36 years under the command of Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Our social media monitoring software shows that this final moment generated thousands of reactions. People took this opportunity to say farewell to the designer on Twitter.

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Grace Jones’ big comeback

Paris Fashion Week also saw the return of iconic model and singer Grace Jones. Designer Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with singer Zendaya to create a 70’s disco-themed collection. For the occasion, they asked several iconic 70s models to wear the collection. Among them was Grace Jones who sparked many reactions on social media. Her performance stunned everyone and people were very excited to see her back on the catwalk.

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This Paris Fashion Week was filled with surprises and closed the 2019 Fall/Winter season with emotion. Although we expected conversations to focus on clothing collections, our social media monitoring software proved that people tend to be more excited by celebrities attending the shows. Indeed most mentions, especially on Twitter, seem to focus on people who attend the show rather than designers’ creations.

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