St Patrick’s Day has come and gone, and I hope that my post last week helped any potential holiday hangovers you were suffering. However, I was interested in going beyond just looking at what people did to cure their hangovers on St. Patrick’s Day. I wanted to use Social Intelligence to see what people were talking about on St Patrick’s Day, and specifically, what brands were making the most online noise.

It should come as no surprise that according to Synthesio’s Social Intelligence tool, “beer” was the most discussed topic on Social Media on St Patrick’s Day. The hunt for delicious green beer followed by drinking Irish beers is a St Patrick’s Day favorite in terms of daily activities. In fact, beer was talked about more than St Patrick’s Day was discussed generally!



While it’s great to know that beer was the most discussed topic overall, as always, I wanted to use Social Intelligence to know more. I want to know which Irish beers were people discussing the most and the answer, once again, was not very surprising:



Guinness is the classic and prototypical beer that everyone thinks about when they think of Irish Beer. This perception manifested itself online as well with Guinness totaling almost 94% of all online conversations around Irish Beer. In other words, if you are a global Irish Beer brand, you know full well who you will always be compared to, and who you need to strive to beat. Information like this is remarkably helpful for brands who want to portray an image, whether it’s that they are a genuine Irish Beer or that they are a leading global fast food chain, it is important to know and understand who you compare within your industry and who is considered to be at the top. The way to succeed in your industry is to be more innovative than your competitors to grab the attention of your audience, and Social Intelligence data like this can help a brand understand how to do that.

With that in mind, I hope you had a great St Patrick’s Day, and if you want to find out how you compare to your competitors, feel free to reach out for a demo and gain some Social Intelligence for your brand!