Actionable insights start with access to the right data. Which is why the Synthesio story starts with harnessing the broadest set of online and offline data sources (what we call “multistream” data) – and applying next-gen AI and NLP technology to understand human expressions, blend big and small data, spot trends, and derive the most relevant insights. And why today, this story gets even better as we are excited to announce that we’ve joined the Twitter Official Partner Program (TOPP).

TOPP is the home to best-in-class technology solutions that are able to expand what is possible for businesses on and off Twitter. And for our team it will be the home for some exciting new innovations that expand our already unmatched sourcing of data from social sites, forums, surveys, and more (something that Forrester called out in their last AICI Wave). Being part of TOPP will give us unparalleled access to information across Twitter – both real-time and historical data – and the opportunity to co-develop products that can deliver even more value to customer-centric brands.

On the heels of being recognized as a leader by Forrester, Adweek’s Best of Tech awards, and G2’s grid report in 2021 for AICI and social listening, it is especially rewarding to also be validated by Twitter as part of their partner evaluation process, which looked at the quality, scale, health, and compliance of Synthesio’s platform.

In the weeks and months ahead we’ll be sharing more details on how this partnership will lead to not just enhanced functionality for our users, but also new insight services offerings, joint content and webinars, and other initiatives to help our global brands and agencies get the most value from AI-enabled consumer intelligence.

In the mean time, we are grateful for the recognition and opportunities that TOPP provides – and thankful to our clients, partners, and team members who helped to make this possible. It’s nice to be seen as a TOPP dog :)