After an extended beta, lots of amazing client feedback, and some exciting new enhancements, we are excited to announce the general availability of Topic Modeling, our groundbreaking AI-powered trend discovery engine. As discussed in a previous blog post, Topic Modeling is the perfect complement to top-down analysis and models, and helps insights and marketing teams test hypotheses, explore “unknown unknowns” like emerging trends, and spot unmet consumer needs via interactive visualizations – and then track them over time in their Synthesio reports.

Topic Modeling will be generally available on July 20th with game-changing data science features that bring the power of machine learning to the masses. Among them, users will access a new visualization that gets displayed up to 115 times faster than the beta version, a new treemap widget to quantify findings from Topic Modeling studies, and the ability to run studies on both social and survey data.

New Capabilities to Spot Trends…Faster

1. New data visualizations

Our new interface makes navigating between Topic Modeling studies much more efficient. Plus, studies get displayed up to 115 times faster, giving you more time for analysis. Flexible visualizations give you a high level view of groups and clusters, and allow you to dig into individual mentions for more granularity. Even better, an expanded set of three data science models are applied to deliver the best results, depending on the primary language of a study (out of the 100 that we support in the platform).

2. New treemap widget

While clusters make it easy to see emerging themes, our treemap widget adds structure and helps you quantify their importance and develop a classification. This data visualization is especially beneficial for displaying hierarchical data and giving a quick view of the most significant topics in your study. Your analysts will love that the treemap makes it easier to broaden general understanding of a particular study, its impact, and themes or topics that are ripe for further exploration or a follow-on survey.

3. Topic Modeling of survey data

With our new Survey Module in open beta to select clients, it’s now possible for users to run Topic Modeling studies to discover patterns and common themes in answers to open-ended survey questions (cool!).

For insights pros fielding a large volume of surveys, and seeking to “see the questions they didn’t know to ask,” applying Topic Modeling to surveys or other owned data can be a game changer. And doing this in a SaaS platform is unique to Synthesio. The payoff: getting the full picture of your consumers and quickly identifying the most frequent topics (and their nuanced conversations) in a straightforward, fast, and semi-automated way.

Interested in seeing how Topic Modeling can be a game changer in your consumer intelligence or social listening program? Schedule a demo with us today!