With the 2018 Winter Olympics well underway, winter sports are taking center stage, and two of the most popular winter sports are dominating television screens across the world: skiing and snowboarding.

To the casual fan, skiers and snowboarders are just two peas in a pod, however, in truth, skiers and snowboarders are incredibly different in almost every way. They also have quite a nice rivalry going when they hit the slopes. There’s even a documentary dedicated to this rivalry called Skiers vs Boarders!

I wanted to take a look into this rivalry and really see what the differences and similarities are between skiers and snowboarders, after all, these are two winter sports that use the same slopes, but different equipment to compete. The most effective way to look into the similarities and differences is to use audience analysis tools, like Synthesio’s Profiler tool. Profiler pulls data on what people like online and then can create personas or useful strategic information for you based on an audience analysis around specific topics (for example, skiers or snowboarders. Using Profiler, I studied the two winter sports competitors and here is what I found:

As a spectator, it’s noteworthy to see that many of the major brands that they both like are the same (for example Red Bull, GoPro, Starbucks, etc.), and maybe these two winter sports competitors are more similar than they realize.

As a marketer, it is equally interesting to see where the overlap is, and where the differences are. Understanding this, is the true power of audience analysis, as it can help you tailor your campaigns to get the most out of them by making sure you are targeting the right audience with the right messaging. For example, if you’re looking to conduct a marketing campaign for a new mountain climbing product, you know you can target both snowboarders and skiers; however, only skiers will be interested in anything related to adventure traveling and only snowboarders will be interested in the latest products for a nature trip.

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