You may already be leveraging social analytics for your clients, but is your agency Socially Intelligent? With a fully equipped Social Intelligence platform, you can use social analytics to prove client success and connect social efforts to business impact.

Follow these best practices to deliver tangible business results with social analytics.

  • Track your Client’s Digital Footprint in Real Time

Agencies need to always have a firm grasp on where their clients stand online. Rather than constantly checking and comparing numbers, use a command center to leverage real-time data that you can easily share with your clients. Agencies can now effortlessly and accurately track a client’s digital footprint and campaign performance by region, demographic or topic, and provide clear real time reporting to their clients.

  • Use Social Listening for Market Research

Expensive market research programs are no longer the be-all and end-all for agencies in search of customer intelligence. Social Intelligence now enables agencies to tap into customer insights on the social web that will arm them with the tools to build better client campaigns and content marketing, and glean feedback for improving product and service development.

Monitor and pull social analytics for product keywords to find out what customers are saying about new products. You can even take it a step further by measuring and analyzing sentiment around the product keywords.

  • Benchmark Client Success Against Key Competitors

Monitor your clients’ competitors’ social media channels and see what their strengths and weaknesses are. Are they engaging with their community? Are they responding to customer complaints? Maybe they have developed some new, innovative social campaigns, and now your client needs to develop some of their own. Share of Voice (SOV) is one of the most commonly used social analytics metrics for evaluating social media performance. Your client’s SOV represents the number of social media mentions they have received, calculated as a percentage of the sum of mentions they and their competitors have received. The purpose of SOV is to use social analytics to measure how much your client’s brand is being discussed compared to its competitors.

  • Show Success Through Reporting

Use social analytics to track and measure the buzz generated by your clients’ campaigns and content marketing efforts, and provide social media reporting customized to your clients’ unique needs and business objectives. Leverage a tool such as Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score to find the link between brand reputation, share of voice, and brand loyalty – in turn creating a benchmark score that can be shared at board level and connected with overall performance.

For further education on  Social Listening for Agencies using social analytics, check out our ebook Use Social Intelligence to Drive Client Success

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