How well do you really know your social media audience? Are you using social analytics for your strategic business decisions? Information from social media can be pulled into analytics and transferred directly into sales insights, developing buyer personas and creating new business strategies.

It’s important for brands to learn about their target audience. This leads them to create more personalized campaigns to peak their interests. With properly defined buyer personas, marketers can now connect with their audience and can create marketing campaigns that mention their interests, age groups or occupations.

Measure Audience Demographics Using Social Analytics

With social analytics, marketers can learn key strategic information about their online audience. One way that they do this, is through audience demographics.

Audience demographics are sourced from user profiles and enhanced through machine learning to report on age, gender, interests, job and marital or family status. This provides the ability to segment your social audience by granular filters. This brings you one step closer to creating well-defined buyer personas.

buyer personas demographics

Discover the Geolocations of Your Audience

Once you’ve learned who your audience is, take it one step forward and find out where they are. With sophisticated social analytics, marketers can find geographical trends and conservation hot spots at the country, regional, state or city level. Once you’ve segmented social audiences, you can use location-based marketing campaigns, targeting your desired audience. However, before that, you must do your research and pull together strategic location-based insights about your audience, something you can do with the help of Synthesio’s Social Listening capabilities in 80+ languages.

buyer personas geolocation

Deep Dive into Audience Psychographics

Have you heard? We just acquired Social Karma and their flagship product, Profiler, which is a powerful audience insights tool for understanding valuable audience insights. This helps our clients gain a full understanding of the people that matter to their brand, and helps them leverage audience persona analysis.

With Profiler, leading brands and agencies are now able to get down to the nitty-gritty, and learn who their social media audience is. More specifically, they’re able to learn more about their fans, event attendees and the Facebook users engaging with their content. Get a full understanding of the people that matter to your brand.

Reach Users Along Their Buyer Journey

In today’s market, it is crucial for marketers to be able to research the interests and preferences of different consumer “personas.” What’s more important is that marketers need to stop relying on old-fashioned surveys, and start using social audience analysis to automatically collect consumer data from social media, the greatest free and real-time focus group.

After measuring your audience and identifying your buyer personas, you can create messaging that supports their unique buyer journey. This is applicable for both B2B and B2C businesses.

You can then identify and map your business’ social KPIs directly back to the buyers’ journeys, thus being able to really measure the ROI of your online campaigns. For example, one way to align your social analytics to your buyers’ journeys is through the following KPIs:

  • Awareness: Reach
  • Acquisition: Growth of fans
  • Activation: Conversion through the buying cycle
  • Evaluation: Search
  • Purchase Intent: Lead Identification
  • Satisfaction: Social Reputation

See how you can use a combination of Synthesio’s Social Listening platform and Profiler to help you uncover key audience insights to create buyer personas.