Chinese New Year began on the 5th of February, signaling the beginning of the Year of the Pig. Also known as ‘Spring festival’, the 23-day long celebration, closing with today’s Lantern Festival, is the most important holiday in China, and celebrated all around the world. Using our social media listening suite we’ve taken a look into what drove conversations around the holiday this year.

Measuring social media: Top mentions during Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year symbolizes luck and prosperity and families traditionally gather to spend time together.  By measuring social media, we have found out that the top words associated with the Spring Festival online were “family”, ”love”, “celebration” and “friends”.

We also found that most mentions of Chinese New Year were on Twitter (66%) and Instagram (13%).

measuring social media share of voice

Surprisingly, the data also revealed that some of the other top words associated with Chinese NY 2019 were “Kevin Hart” and “Jackson Wang”.

measuring social media top retweets

K-pop singer Jackson Wang surprised American comedian Kevin Hart with an ice sculpture of a pig and lion dance performers. Both of them then shared a video of the moment on Instagram. By measuring social media, we have uncovered that this generated social media buzz all around the world.

measuring social media wang hart

A valuable opportunity for brands

Jackson Wang was not the only one trending during Chinese New Year. Several YouTubers released videos related to the holiday. Mel in Melbourne, an Australian YouTuber posted a video in which she unboxed designer red packets. Red envelopes are traditionally given to loved ones during Chinese New Year and symbolize luck and prosperity. Although this was not a paid partnership, brands can benefit from these types of videos. Influencers help form a stronger connection between a company and their target audience. By measuring social media brands can uncover the right influencers to collaborate with.

measuring social media designer video

Holiday celebrations like Chinese New Year represent a huge opportunity for brands to boost their sales. Several brands tapped into the red envelope custom this year. They designed their own red packets that people could buy and give to their loved ones.

measuring social media red envelopesmeasuring social media cartier

The Chinese luxury market is very lucrative for brands which is why they put a lot of effort into their marketing strategy during this period. Some brands also sell themed products, especially for this special holiday. Since this year celebrates the pig, brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have marked the occasion by releasing pig themed accessories.

measuring social media louis vuitton

measuring social media gucci

Measuring social media conversations around brands who celebrated Chinese New Year revealed that people are very excited about these products as well as the red envelopes.

measuring social media accessoriesmeasuring social media so cute

measuring social media responseSocial media listening helps brands understand what matters to consumers during the holidays and uncover data-driven insights to tailor their marketing strategy.

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